Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I'd make El.vis proud!

My thighs and hips are so stiff that I'm giving El.vis a run for his money by the way I'm moving myself around, trying to get rid of the stiffness! I don't remember my hips being this sore until the 3rd trimester so I guess my body just knows what to do by now.

I have plans to paint in the nursery this week, pending the weather. I'm hoping we'll have at least one day where it'll be nice enough to open windows while I paint. I am painting the nursery trim now, before I get too big that I shouldn't get up on a ladder (and no, I don't trust anyone else to do it- painting is my thing and I enjoy it!).

I keep getting out the paint swatches for the nursery but I always put them back. I just cannot make a decision for the wall color(s) until I know the gender. I guess I could go neutral on the wall color (like green) since it would match anything I want to do. But I can't make a decision just yet! I do have a can of green paint but it's apple green, too bright for what I want to do. I would want more of an olive green.

So here are my thoughts on the nursery (I'm likely to change my mind):

If we're having a boy- I want to paint the room ecru and green. I wanted to do some jungle/safari theme. But I may change my mind. Daniel is not keen on my current idea! But here are my two inspiration bedding sets for colors: HERE and HERE.

If we're having a girl- I want to do burgandy, pink, cream and green with a bug theme. I found two of the cutest bedding sets HERE and HERE for inspiration (I don't ever actually buy/use bedding sets, though, just the decor).

So just tossing ideas out there. Daniel doesn't like to talk about this type of stuff unless he knows all the details (in this case, the gender). For my over-eager brain that is hard to take but I'm being very patient. Honestly it is surprising I haven't painted the nursery trim already- seriously!

Feeling more nauseated lately but it's easily remedied by eating. I feel like a cow, grazing all day. Food aversions are in full effect. I was wondering why smells and foods weren't making me want to hurl but I wonder no more! The most disgusting things? Meat and cheese. I guess grilled-cheese is okay. In fact... that is making me hungry right now...

Anyway, I have been eating pickles like crazy. I like how crunchy they are! I like the whole dill pickles. The spears are too soggy but the whole ones just have this delicious crunch to them. I still like the jalepenos, too!

I went from not wanting chocolate at all to wanting a little. I can't eat too much sweets, though, because that also makes me sick. Not to mention I want to TRY to keep the weight gain to the minimum.

The aversions are weird. It's just whatever hits me in the moment- I can either eat it or I cannot even smell it or look at it!

On Bumble Bee's birthday we were driving to a Chi.nese Buffet to celebrate. A tow truck passed us carrying a beat-up car. Butterfly, ever-inquisitive, asks, "What are they doing with that car?"

"That's a tow truck. They go pick up the broken cars because they don't drive anymore."

Butterfly, connecting the dots, replies, "So the people have to walk everywhere now?"

"Well, no, they can either fix their car or buy a new one."

Butterfly was quiet again and I thought the conversation was over. Nope! Instead she says, "Dad! Hey, Dad! Daddy?! That tow truck picks up the broken car and the people can get the car fixed or they can buy a new one so they don't have to walk everywhere."


That is probably the most complete sentence I've ever heard my eldest speak. She pieced together all the facts I gave her into this coherent sentence and related it to someone else. Wow! I'm so very proud that my kids are intelligent.

Butterfly is only 3 1/2-years-old.


Proverbs 27:19 said...

That is awesome about the complete sentence structure. It's also noticeable that she comprehended the information you gave her!

I love the color choice of burgundy, pink & cream, I've never seen that combo.


Ashley said...

Butterfly seems like one smart little cookie! I love it when my kiddos dazzle me and leave me speechless.

Whole pickles was always top of my list when I was pregnant with the girls, but they are top of my list when I am not pregnant too.

Kaye said...

Thank you so much for your kind words of encouragement and empathy on my blog. Although I know it is "normal" it is nice to have personal confirmation that 1.) my child is not the only whiny/clingy preschooler and 2.) it's okay that it drives me crazy from time to time. =)

As for the nursery, I'm putting in my two cents. You opened up the conversation, so I'm throwing my vote into the ring. =) For the jungle theme (cute idea, by the way) I really like the NoJo Jungle Tales one. The other one is cute, but my vote would be NoJo. For the girly one, I would chose the CoCaLo Angelica. I like the deep burgandy in it.

So there are my two cents. =) I totally understand wanting to get the nursery underway. It's killing me to not already have the room cleared out...much less painted! =)

And lastly...I can totally relate on the sentence by Butterfly. Our son frequently asks questions and relays them back to the other party for informational purposes. It totally impresses me too and cracks me up, as I'm thinking, "We all heard the answer...we're all right here." They are cute, aren't they?

Raising Olives said...

I really like the jungle idea. Cute. All the colors are nice, but I always have a hard time making a final decision, even when I know the gender.


Anne Elizabeth said...

R never wanted to talk about themes until we knew the gender too. I LOVE the second bedding choices you listed for each gender. If you did end up getting the quilts you could use them with their toddler bed. Although by that time you may want to redo the room. It is supposed to rain and snow this weekend so maybe you should wait until next week to paint the trim. I am sick of the cold and ready for the spring to stick around.

Butterfly's sentence was so cute! I can totally hear her saying that. lol

Tasha Via said...

Oh boys! I can't even sit Josh down long enough to come up with a name...and We KNOW the gender=)

Anonymous said...

I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


Susan Sene said...

talkin about those pickles made me want some! :)

thanks for your encouraging comments on my blog!

Vixbil said...

That last bit about the complete sentance is just wonderful. Don't they make your heart melt

Jennifer said...

Laughing about your Elvis comment :)

Totally off-topic, but I just noticed in your profile that you're a Stargate fan, too. It made me sad when it ended...I hear Stargate Universe starts this year, but I don't know how I feel about that. Guess we'll see.

Enjoy your pickles :)

The Mommy said...

Thanks for sharing the blog with the VP story on it! It's so nice that you remembered me!!!
BTW, how'd you get the photo protection on your blog??