Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Well today was full blown nausea. It really wasn't bad at all and I didn't need to visit the porcelain throne or anything. But I definitely just did not feel good.

And I keep feeling stabbing, stretching pains, otherwise known as round ligament pain. It comes and goes, some days and then not for many days. It doesn't bother me at all but sometimes if I stretch out I'll get this sharp stab of pain that makes me want to curse. And there's been some sciatic pain but not NEARLY as bad as it was with Bumble Bee. It's still early in the game.

I always feel like I'm coming off as complaining, but I'm truly not. Just listing the symptoms and how I feel. Pregnancy symptoms aren't always the most exciting symptoms until you start feeling movement! I'm so excited and sometimes I try to visualize what baby looks like right now (the fun little button on my right-hand sidebar helps! Look- baby has arm and leg buds now!!!) and try to imagine what they're doing. Probably just twitching and growing. I wonder if babies this young have thought processes. Okay, probably not, but if they did they'd be thinking, "My mom is going to be so cool!"

And I always think of that verse in Psalm about how God formed us when we were yet unseen (my favorite verses!). Maybe my baby is just chillin' with the Holy Spirit in my womb.


Andrea said...

I know what you mean about those ligament pains! Matt has been worried although I told him it's normal, but he made me ask the midwife about it today. She said the same thing, it's just my belly stretching out and getting bigger. :-)

I would say I'm sorry to hear about your nausea, but it's the good kind!! I do hope you feel better when you get to the 2nd trimester though. My nausea is so much better, but still comes around in the late evenings if I haven't slept much (which is every night). I still have a lot of fatigue because of the insomnia. But I'm not complaining either! I sometimes feel like people think I am, but I'm just telling it like it is. Speaking of symptoms, I'm starving!

Anne Elizabeth said...

I really hope you don't get full blown morning sickness and that you don't have the sciatic pain that you did with Abby. Your first appt. tomorrow right?:)

The Mommy said...

I had HORRIBLE round ligament pains for the first six weeks! They were so much worse than with the first pregnancy.
Isn't it SO amazing, though!?

Joy said...

I feel really good today and yes, my first appointment is tomorrow!!! I can't wait! It seems like I've been waiting a long time (only a MONTH)!

Photogrl said...

Yay for hitting 8 weeks and for your first appointment!

Hope the icky-ness stays away.