Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I made her cry today

Following the post with the video of Butterfly insisting on having a brother, NOT a sister... she brought the topic of the baby up again. We were just chatting on her bed and Bumble Bee was trying to climb on me. Butterfly tells her, "Be careful, you'll hurt the baby!"

I told Butterfly that it was okay, that the baby is safe. And because I just can't help myself, and because I love to hear how incredibly persistent she is I asked her what the baby's name was. She starts waving to my belly and saying, "Hi, Caiden!" And telling me all about how the baby is a boy and swimming in my tummy.

Bumble Bee, who is walking around the room and being a goof, keeps overhearing Butterfly say boy so she starts to parrot it, "Boy... boy!" So I turned to her and ask her if the baby is a boy or a girl. She doesn't hesitate to say, "Girl!"

Butterfly starts to cry. She is starting to get really upset about me telling her that the baby might be a girl and we won't know what we get to name them until after her birthday. Sobbing, with tears streaming down her face, she cries out, "The baby is a BOY, Momma. The baby is a BOY! The baby is Caiden!!!"

I really can't wait to see which of my daughters is right. I had to giggle at Butterfly's emotional outburst and insistence because it was so sweet. But now I'll feel bad if the baby isn't a boy because her heart is so set on one. Ahhh, well, God knows and He has a plan and it's too late now! The baby is already who they are.

And can I just say that Daniel almost throws a similar fit if I mention the baby might be a girl? He whips his head around to look at me straight in the eyes and never fails to say, "Or the baby is a boy, honey!" Bwuahaha! I do it just to tease them all. I'm actually starting to think of and refer to the baby as a "he" so who knows! They may even convert me to their Team Blue Club. I want to get further along and see how my belly looks and how I feel.

One more week to my first OB appointment!


Becky said...

It would be so cool if she is right about the baby though, lol. I mean I'm sure you would be SO happy no matter if the baby is a boy or a girl, but still be cool if she guessed right!

True Companions Plus One? said...

We keep saying boy, too. Watch it be a girl! lol

And it's pretty funny they're both split - I wonder who'll be right!

Anonymous said...

That's so funny. Sweet Elaina Boo--always the sensitive one. Hey, if it's a girl, atleast you already have girl clothes and toys!

Ris said...

Aww...well, if she has a brother, that will be awesome! If she has a sister, those three will be so inseparable; I am sure her sadness will go away very quickly! If she even remembers that she's sad when the time comes! So cute how matter of fact she is about it!