Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I am blank

I'm having one of those moments- when I'm just drawing a blank. Nothing new to report. I guess I could go into the cute things my girls have been doing and saying but I'm so tired I can't even remember anything right now.

Waiting for spring to finally come and stay.

Waiting for my newest nephew to make his entrance into the world.

Waiting for the warm weather so I can paint the nursery trim.

Waiting for tomorrow to come so Boo can go to school and I can get groceries.

Waiting for my next OB appointment...

One thing I'm not waiting for right now? Going to bed! I'm off to read myself to sleep and I hope everyone has a blessed April Fool's Day (don't even try to prank me; I'm not gullible!). I do have to say my sister did get me good last year.

She told me one of my older brothers got a girl pregnant and I FLIPPED. I thought she was serious. Oh how she rubbed it in my face! Ha ha! I admit, it gave me a good laugh at myself too. In my defense I had no idea it was April 1st so had no idea I could potentially be pranked!!!

P.S. I have the code to protect your photos from being right-clicked and saved (try it out on my blog, I dare you). If you want the code you have to email me at njeosys[at]juno[dot]com because it is HTML code and I can't figure out how to put it on a post without it disappearing. Don't just leave a comment- you must email me yourself or I'll forget. Put "Blog Code" in the title so I don't delete your email, thinking it is spam.

Playing dress-up with our winter box (and Bumble Bee is wearing a pair of my shoes). Notice the mess of clean laundry behind Butterfly; the sign of a very tired, pregnant woman! Ha!


Becky said...

I have clear memories of being as tired as you are. I was napping all day long on and off and I was still tired at the end of the day!

Butterfly and Bumble Bee look SO cute all dressed up! It's adorable when the little ones walk around in your shoes. Will has been doing that lately and I love it:)

The Mommy said...

You know, I'm at week 30 and the tired stuff is coming back...and the craving...and at times I feel the slightest twinge of nausea.
Thanks for telling me what you pack in your hospital bag. I think it's all the stuff that's on my mental list. I'm NOT going to over pack this time!!

Lauren said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! I'll stop back by here!

Elephant Steps said...

Hi Joy! Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment.
Yes I love the stroller we got. My MIL bought it for us when I was only 16 weeks pregnant. LOL. I did fall in love with it, and it got good reviews, so she bought it then. Is it still available? My husband and I both like it.

Thanks for saying Max looks like a cherub. :) You have very cute girls too!!

Anne Elizabeth said...

Such cute pictures:) Did you get R's (Not my R the other R. Ya know D's brother from a different mother) prank text today? I told him 'yea right and I'm in labor. lol'