Thursday, March 12, 2009

First Appointment......... finally!

My first appointment went well! It was very routine. Pee in a cup, pelvic exam, bre.ast exam, blood pressure, etc.

My first weigh-in was 179 lbs so I have gained 2 lbs!

I was told I need to do the 1-hr glucose test every trimester because of having PCOS. It increases risks of developing gestational diabetes. Fine, whatever. It doesn't really bother me. I do that test tomorrow, along with routine prenatal blood tests.

And he also scheduled an ultrasound for Wednesday. I was going to go to a clinic and get a free ultrasound but I decided to forego that. Running ultrasonic equipment isn't cheap and I'd rather someone who is in more desperate need get in there than me. I wasn't going to ask for an early sonogram but was willing if he offered. He wanted to do one without asking me if that was alright, just to make sure everything is on track.

The girlies and hubby came with. The girls got restless but they got a sucker so that helped for a bit. I should've just had them stay home with Daniel and had them come the next appointment to hear a heartbeat because doctors don't use the doppler until around week 10-12. But they were excited and felt like a part of this whole process, which is very important to me.

Oh and the major thing I wanted to bring to his attention was being induced early. If you remember, Bumble Bee's right collarbone broke when she was born (see below to know who I'm talking about). My doctor came in the next day, while I was holding my newborn, and told me she would give me a c-section 2 weeks early with the next baby.

You should've seen the look on my doctor's face when I said that. I could tell he had to compose himself. I just said what I thought he was thinking, "I just think that is really extreme." He agreed and said we'll just see how big baby is toward the end and induce (NOT c-section) if need be. He said he doesn't like to "sect" women who've had normal, vag. deliveries and a broken collarbone was not cause for one either.

So yay! I am much relieved to know that I can most likely go full-term. And I'm thankful for having a wonderful doctor.

Money-wise we are paying 20%, a lot less than I thought we would (about $80 a month from April-August). I thought it'd be over $100, maybe close to $200. So I'm VERY relieved about that as well! That doesn't include the hospital bill, of course, just my doctor's prenatal care.

Having these appointments and tests surprisingly makes me feel more pregnant. And I cannot wait for the ultrasound!

One thing he said that made me say, "What?!" was that doctors are now telling pregnant women to not eat ANY tuna (not just Albacore) because mercury levels are increasing in these fish. Good-bye tuna noodle casserole. Sniff, sniff. Better safe than sorry!

I'm consolidating my two blogs into this one. The URL will change and I'll be sure to let everyone know before I change it so that you can find me again! I want to keep my childrens' lives more private so henceforth my oldest will be dubbed Butterfly and my youngest Bumble Bee.

Butterfly- her room was decorated and has been decorated with these beautiful, fluttery creatures. They remind me of her personality: fragile but beautiful, sensitive, sweet, light, bright...

Bumble Bee- this child is just so "bumbly"! She's just so full of life and her little cheeks remind me of bumble bees. Energetic, full of life, flitting from one activity to another, always happy and laughing...

Daniel and I will keep our names as that doesn't bother me.

I am also going to take down pictures on this blog except for my sidebar. When we have the new baby I will post pictures but will most likely take them down after a few days.

So look for the new changes! It's going to be good and refreshing. I also ask that you do NOT use my kids' names in the comments or it will be deleted (nothing personal against you, slip-ups happen!).


Becky said...

It sounds like your appointment went well, which you would be so happy about. Personally the appointments scare me, particularly the bloods, as I am needle phobic!

The ultrasound is SO exciting though. It was one of my favorite pregnancy experiences:)

I think it kind of sucks when we can't put pictures and names of out children up for fear that they get stolen and used for the wrong purpose. Personally I put up pictures every now and then so that I can show my friends online my beautiful little boy and it's not fare that I have to worry about what's happening with his pictures. Sorry I am ranting a bit, but GRRRR to people who steal our pictures. I might start just putting mine on facebook or something as only my friends can see then.

Andrea said...

I'm so glad your first appointment went well! It's great that your doctor is so helpful and really cares about you. :-) And I'm so excited about the early ultrasound!

Anne Elizabeth said...

Glad the appointment went well! You know how I feel about what Bumble Bee's doctor said. Totally think she was just trying to cover her own you know what. Glad new Dr. agreed that at this point C-sec would be extreme. Hopefully you won't have to be induced or anything either. B and B were both average size babies so I can't imagine that Jelly Bean would be much bigger.

The Mommy said...

I was secretly wondering how long you could keep doing fabulous posts on two blogs! Glad to hear that he appt. went well!!

Photogrl said...

Yay for a great first appointment!

Lucky said...

I'm glad you had a great first appointment! That's neat that you're bringing your children so they can be a part of the experience. We are due so close to each other!

Susan Sene said...

So glad your appointment went well! I'll be excited to see ultrasound pictures!

Kaye said...

So glad that the appointment went well and that you're loving your new's SO important to have someone you can trust.

Anonymous said...

So happy your first appointment went well. :-D

True Companions Plus One? said...

Congrats on the great first appointment! And I think it's pretty cool that the little b's got to come - yay!

Meeghan said...

Glad to here your first appt went well. I had my glucose test this week. It was never a problem with the other to pregnancies so I am hoping for the same this time. Glad all is well.

Anonymous said...

The appointment sounds like it went well - I'm so glad you have a doctor that you love!

I don't blame you for consolodating the blogs - lots of weirdos out there these days! I've got your new link added to blogroll!