Monday, March 16, 2009

9 Weeks

This morning it hit me that my first ultrasound is in 2 days! Everything that could possibly go wrong has already flitted through my mind and I'm trying to stuff it down. I am ready to see a little bean with a heartbeat! I'm ready to see little arm nubs waving around!

On another note- since I've changed the blog up and decided to keep my childrens' names more anonymous and postpone pictures until I can figure out a really good way to protect my pictures (I don't want to do a watermark) I also need an alias for our newest addition.

As I was reading a book one of the character's children was called "Cricket" and I thought it was p-e-r-f-e-c-t! But it sounds more feminine so I've also come up with "Grasshopper"l.

So............ if baby is a girl we'll be dubbing her Cricket! And if baby is a boy they'll be called Grasshopper.

Bumble Bee was being so incredibly funny today. She kept growling and walking around the house like an intoxicated T-Rex. I've never ever seen her do that before and it just gave me the hysterics! She also said a lot of [mean] things today that I didn't know she could say. Like... "Go away Boo (aka Butterfly)!" and "Leave me alone!"

We're also getting ready for Bumble Bee's birthday this weekend. I'm so not motivated but I know once the day comes I'll be so excited. She's turning 2 (hence all the attitude from her lately, ha ha)! All we got her was THIS with my A.mazon giftcard a couple months ago. We are going to set it up the night before the party and surprise her after breakfast.

I was staring at her yesterday, remembering when she was a newborn baby, remembering when she was born and how she looked, felt, smelled... She's so beautiful and I know that she'll become more and more beautiful as time goes on. I may post pics of her as a baby in a coming post but will most likely remove them after a couple days. We shall see!

Today I took Butterfly with me to the store. While we were gone Daddy and Bumble Bee played out in the backyard with our exercise ball. He took pictures and videos of their time out there and it just melted my heart to see them when I got home!


The Mommy said...

I love the whole Cricket/Grasshopper thing! So cute. Bumble Bee (and Butterfly) will love her gift!!

Kaye said...

So excited for your first U/S tomorrow! I would tell you to keep us updated, but of course I know that will happen! =)

That is an adorable gift for your adorable girl! I know she'll be SO exicted!

Anne Elizabeth said...

I can't wait for Bumble Bee's party. I like the nicknames you picked for Jelly Bean. I'm praying for your U/S tomorrow!

Vixbil said...

Hope U/S goes well and I love the names you have picked.
I would love to get the girls the present you have gotten too as it is so cute

Anonymous said...

such a cool playhouse! she'll love it! hard to believe she is turning 2 already. wow.

BTW, I turned my blog to private but haven't written anything. I am thinking of deleting the whole thing. it's set to private until I decide what to do with it.

Tasha Via said...

Those are cute names you gave your family=) Can't wait to hear how the appointment goes...