Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I am blank

I'm having one of those moments- when I'm just drawing a blank. Nothing new to report. I guess I could go into the cute things my girls have been doing and saying but I'm so tired I can't even remember anything right now.

Waiting for spring to finally come and stay.

Waiting for my newest nephew to make his entrance into the world.

Waiting for the warm weather so I can paint the nursery trim.

Waiting for tomorrow to come so Boo can go to school and I can get groceries.

Waiting for my next OB appointment...

One thing I'm not waiting for right now? Going to bed! I'm off to read myself to sleep and I hope everyone has a blessed April Fool's Day (don't even try to prank me; I'm not gullible!). I do have to say my sister did get me good last year.

She told me one of my older brothers got a girl pregnant and I FLIPPED. I thought she was serious. Oh how she rubbed it in my face! Ha ha! I admit, it gave me a good laugh at myself too. In my defense I had no idea it was April 1st so had no idea I could potentially be pranked!!!

P.S. I have the code to protect your photos from being right-clicked and saved (try it out on my blog, I dare you). If you want the code you have to email me at njeosys[at]juno[dot]com because it is HTML code and I can't figure out how to put it on a post without it disappearing. Don't just leave a comment- you must email me yourself or I'll forget. Put "Blog Code" in the title so I don't delete your email, thinking it is spam.

Playing dress-up with our winter box (and Bumble Bee is wearing a pair of my shoes). Notice the mess of clean laundry behind Butterfly; the sign of a very tired, pregnant woman! Ha!

Monday, March 30, 2009

Week 11

Week 11 already! One more week and I'll be in the 2nd trimester. My next OB appointment is April 10th and I look forward to hearing the heartbeat again and getting to hear how many bpms it is!

No new symptoms to report. Just a ton of indigestion (no heartburn but honestly are either very fun?), peeing like there's no tomorrow, fatigue... The nausea is ebbing away but it wasn't unbearable to begin with. Honestly I don't really feel pregnant except when I accidently hurt myself from moving or bending wrong.

When pregnant with my girls I'd have a hard time getting through breakfast because I'd feel so sick. I'm able to snarf down my bowl of cereal with the tiniest bit of queasiness that goes away quickly.

Maybe it is a boy! I go back and forth. When I dream or think of baby I sometimes thinks "he" or "him". But it's just so foreign to me. I've only had girls and "girl parts" to deal with. We plan to circumsize if we do have a boy and so then I start worrying about all of that. But I'm not as sick and they say you're not as sick with boys usually.

Everyone else has started saying that is their opinion, that little one will be a boy, but I'm going to stick with my prediction. I've had a good guessing streak the past couple of days checking out pregnancy blogs! But I'll probably be wrong. I thought Bumble Bee was a boy. I can't remember if I had an opinion on what Butterfly would be; I do know I was terrified she'd be born a boy and I had cleaned all the pink clothes!

Not much else to report. Hoping to get some more spring cleaning in.

Oh, and the girls planted sunflower seeds in pots for Bumble Bee's birthday as party favors. Can I just say these things grow SUPER fast?! I watered them last night and this morning they had grown almost a full inch! These are "mammoth" sunflowers (the ones that grow like 10 feet tall) so I guess it is no surprise! I'll post pictures of the little [big] seedlings tomorrow when there's enough natural light to take pics.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

I'm not hormonal!

I don't cry over silly commercials... I don't get angry about the injustice I see against innocent people... I don't get frustrated with people who irritate and rub me the wrong way...

Okay so I'm in total denial here. I'm crazy hormonal. One night of blog reading looked like this:

-read an account of a woman who is adopting and has all these legal hoops to jump through and I got so mad I was reading the blog aloud to Daniel in a very loud voice (because the legal system for adoption is just CRUD)...

-read a moving post about someone who just miscarried and bawled my eyes out...

-then read another account of complete stupidity (no, the blogger wasn't stupid, just who they were talking about) and I couldn't believe the nerve of people and what they can say to those fighting infertility! So I got angry again and started yelling/reading the post aloud to Daniel.

I was very tired by the end of the night. LOL! But it doesn't make me want to read any less. I like that I can feel such a connection with those whom I follow and that I can get angry or sad or happy with them (like this HAPPY BLOGGER WHO JUST ADOPTED) instead of just read their post as another faceless person in Blog World without any emotions tied to it.

Also, I'm reading Girlfriend's Guide to Pregnancy and laughing my rotund tush off. Oh, so funny! Even if you're NOT pregnant but have been, read it! You will laugh so hard you'll cry. There's a lot of stuff she says that I don't agree with but I laugh nonetheless because most of what she says is true. And this woman is not afraid to talk about the dirty little things that a modest person (like myself) could never talk about but thinks is very funny!

According to a "trimester calculator" the 2nd Trimester is supposed to begin on April 7th for me at 12 weeks pregnant. I thought the end of the 12th week was the 2nd trimester but whatever. Third trimester is when week 27 begins according this as well. I just can't believe how fast time is whizzing by! It'll slow down mid-2nd trimester, though.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Week 10

I kind of forgot to do my weekly post for whatever week I'm in. Oops! I blame it on my pregnancy brain. Speaking of which... wait... I totally forgot what I was going to say! See? That's how bad it has been. Except it has been like this since I was pregnant with Butterfly. It hasn't really gone away.

People will ask me questions and I'll just smile stupidly and shake my head and say, "I have no idea what you're talking about." And I'm being truthful! They will be talking about something we had talked about just last week and I have absolutely no recollection. It's starting to SCARE me with how bad it is, but of course I don't forget everything. There's plenty of situations where I remember every detail of something but then the other person doesn't remember (usually my husband)!!! Or sometimes it just takes me a little time to go through the files in my brain and pull up the event they're talking about.

So here's my more detailed cravings/aversions list so far.

Cravings: Mexican food (Ch.evy's mainly), french fries, brownies, cereal, orange juice, bacon & hashbrowns, spaghettios, soup, bread and creamy swiss Laughing Cow cheese, crunchy pickles, certain pizzas (could we PLEASE get a Papa John's around here?!), CELERY and CARROTS, salad and probably a couple other things I can't remember.

Aversions: Everything Else! Okay, basically everything else. It's the end of the month so food is getting scarce here and I'm starting to worry that I won't have anything to eat but everyone else will. I know, woe is me! The store is just a hop and skip down the street.

Week 10 so far has probably been the most ill so far but I still haven't puked, thank God. I've come close! But haven't done it and hoping I don't.

My stomach also seems to be shrinking. Don't know how that works but whatever. I still haven't taken a belly shot- I told you I'm no good at remembering to take those. I'll try to remember for week 11. WOW, almost to the 2nd trimester in just a week and a half.

So baby is about the size of a prune (1.2 inches; .14 ounces)
With bones and cartilage starting to form and vital organs beginning to function, baby is making major progress. Body length will almost double in the next three weeks, and arm joints are now working. (Soon, legs will too.).

Wow- so baby is moving and grooving but of course I can't feel it yet. What I have been feeling is a lot of weird pulling and twitching and round ligament pain. I sneezed so hard yesterday that I majorly pulled a ligament supporting my womb. OUCH!

Go on over to my SIL's blog. She has one week left (hopefully less) for her little man to arrive. Give her some LABOR DUST and pray for a quick delivery and NO SNOW since she does have a drive to her hospital. I'll be updating her blog while she is in labor and after baby boy is delivered... so stay tuned over there this week! I'll be sure to let y'all know here when The Big Day comes.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I'd make El.vis proud!

My thighs and hips are so stiff that I'm giving El.vis a run for his money by the way I'm moving myself around, trying to get rid of the stiffness! I don't remember my hips being this sore until the 3rd trimester so I guess my body just knows what to do by now.

I have plans to paint in the nursery this week, pending the weather. I'm hoping we'll have at least one day where it'll be nice enough to open windows while I paint. I am painting the nursery trim now, before I get too big that I shouldn't get up on a ladder (and no, I don't trust anyone else to do it- painting is my thing and I enjoy it!).

I keep getting out the paint swatches for the nursery but I always put them back. I just cannot make a decision for the wall color(s) until I know the gender. I guess I could go neutral on the wall color (like green) since it would match anything I want to do. But I can't make a decision just yet! I do have a can of green paint but it's apple green, too bright for what I want to do. I would want more of an olive green.

So here are my thoughts on the nursery (I'm likely to change my mind):

If we're having a boy- I want to paint the room ecru and green. I wanted to do some jungle/safari theme. But I may change my mind. Daniel is not keen on my current idea! But here are my two inspiration bedding sets for colors: HERE and HERE.

If we're having a girl- I want to do burgandy, pink, cream and green with a bug theme. I found two of the cutest bedding sets HERE and HERE for inspiration (I don't ever actually buy/use bedding sets, though, just the decor).

So just tossing ideas out there. Daniel doesn't like to talk about this type of stuff unless he knows all the details (in this case, the gender). For my over-eager brain that is hard to take but I'm being very patient. Honestly it is surprising I haven't painted the nursery trim already- seriously!

Feeling more nauseated lately but it's easily remedied by eating. I feel like a cow, grazing all day. Food aversions are in full effect. I was wondering why smells and foods weren't making me want to hurl but I wonder no more! The most disgusting things? Meat and cheese. I guess grilled-cheese is okay. In fact... that is making me hungry right now...

Anyway, I have been eating pickles like crazy. I like how crunchy they are! I like the whole dill pickles. The spears are too soggy but the whole ones just have this delicious crunch to them. I still like the jalepenos, too!

I went from not wanting chocolate at all to wanting a little. I can't eat too much sweets, though, because that also makes me sick. Not to mention I want to TRY to keep the weight gain to the minimum.

The aversions are weird. It's just whatever hits me in the moment- I can either eat it or I cannot even smell it or look at it!

On Bumble Bee's birthday we were driving to a Chi.nese Buffet to celebrate. A tow truck passed us carrying a beat-up car. Butterfly, ever-inquisitive, asks, "What are they doing with that car?"

"That's a tow truck. They go pick up the broken cars because they don't drive anymore."

Butterfly, connecting the dots, replies, "So the people have to walk everywhere now?"

"Well, no, they can either fix their car or buy a new one."

Butterfly was quiet again and I thought the conversation was over. Nope! Instead she says, "Dad! Hey, Dad! Daddy?! That tow truck picks up the broken car and the people can get the car fixed or they can buy a new one so they don't have to walk everywhere."


That is probably the most complete sentence I've ever heard my eldest speak. She pieced together all the facts I gave her into this coherent sentence and related it to someone else. Wow! I'm so very proud that my kids are intelligent.

Butterfly is only 3 1/2-years-old.

Sunday, March 22, 2009


Both of my girls love to sing, as probably every child loves to do. I especially love the songs they mix the words up to and the songs they make up on their own. There are two songs that Bumble Bee loves the most: "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" and "B-I-N-G-O".

Bumble Bee will sing the star song really quiet and then she'll belt out, "UP A-BOVE the world so high!" before singing quietly again.

She'll also try to sing the ABC's and she has for quite a long time. She doesn't get any of the letters right. Instead it is basically her singing the tune of ABC's like this: "Uh uh C uh E uh uh uh uh uh uh uhuhuhuhuh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh y and z!"

Today at church we were singing praise songs and during the last song BB was getting restless. So I picked her up and she was staring at my eyes. A smile split her face as she sang out, "I-GUESS-EEEEE-MO!" I started laughing so hard I almost dropped her. Which made her start giggling in her funny hiccup-y laugh. My reaction made her keep singing it out over and over again. I'm sure it was a huge distraction but it was uncontrollable laughter on my part. It was just toooo cute!!! "Suffer not the little children to come unto Me..." right?! I'm sure Jesus was smiling at her sweetness as well, even if her song wasn't about Him.

So what was she singing? That is how she sings "B-I-N-G-O!" She totally skips the "B" and goes straight to "I-guess-ee-mo". It doesn't sound remotely similar to the letters but I find it so endearing!

Is there a child in your life that says/sings things just a little differently and it just melts your heart?!

Monday Plans:
-Read a magazine
-Returns to W.alM.art (oh yippee)
-Sit on my butt
-Eat a grilled cheese
-Stuff to thrift store
-Vacuum if I feel like it
-Shave? Shower? Eh, we'll see...

I hope it rains. I really want a nice overcast day to snuggle under because it is one of my favorite parts of spring. We're not predicted to have much rain this season where I live, but just enough that we won't have a drought. Hopefully our weather guys are wrong (as usual).

One of my Wa.lM.art returns is a hair straightener I bought. It makes my hair look and feel really damaged and burnt. So any suggestions on an affordable but excellent straightener for thick, wavy hair--- please let me know make and model and even where to buy! Word-of-mouth is my fave way of buying certain products, especially health and beauty.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Photo Protection Anyone?

So I mentioned before how I didn't want to post pics because I was afraid of someone stealing and abusing my photos. It isn't paranoia- it is protecting my children from per.verts. I'm responsible for what I put on here, especially about them.

Anyway, I want to give you an example of what I'm looking to do for my blog. Check out THIS BLOG. Right click anywhere on her blog and you'll see what happens. Oh, and follow her blog, too, because she's great! She's a hairdresser and has four daughters. I'm going to ask her how to do that on my blog (personally I think blogger should automatically have it on here!). I'll share the news once I find out.

We had Bumble Bee's birthday party this weekend. She got a lot of really cute clothes, four My Li.ttle Po.nies (!!! I'm excited to play with them too), a big wheeler and the Ro.se Pe.tal Cot.tage. Lucky girl! She had so much fun. So much fun, in fact, that she fell asleep within 5 minutes of being put down for a nap, which is unheard of in our house.

It's her 2nd birthday but I had to ask for 3T clothes because she's tall. Some of the pants are a little longer on her but I know 2T wouldn't have lasted at all! She got three of the cutest dresses I've ever laid eyes on for little girls, seriously. And she also got five complete outfits (capris with tops). I'm glad I didn't buy her clothes because she is set! I guess all I need to do for her now is find shoes (anyone know where I can find CUTE shoes? W.al-M.art's shoes stink).

Thursday, March 19, 2009

My Baby Bumble Bee

I just can't not post pictures. It's just too hard for me to do! I'm getting ready for Bumble Bee's 2nd birthday party this Saturday (actual bday is on Tuesday). I was going through pictures and since we didn't get our computer until Christmas '07 I don't have newborn pics on here.

I'll have to take pictures of the pictures from when she was born and post them on her actual birthday. Until then, a few pictures of my daughter...

Bumble Bee with her cousin, Buddy, when she was a few months old. She was a CHUNKY little baby.

Pulling herself up on furniture and ALWAYS smiling! Don't you just want to gobble up her cheeks?!

Probably a familiar picture to loyal followers but this picture just melts my heart!

Her hair is in her mouth but I still thought this was too cute! While Mommy and Butterfly went shopping Bumble Bee stayed home with Daddy and they played in the backyard and took pics. This is Bumble Bee just a couple days ago! It only took 2 years to grow some hair... LOL!

On the pregnancy front I'm doing good. I get a little sick around 5-7pm and that's about it. I'm taking less pills now so that has seemed to help a ton in not feeling so ill! I feel like I eat constantly and I'm always hungry. I stepped on the scale and it hasn't budged- in fact I think I lost a couple lbs.

This still isn't real to me, even after the sonogram. Somebody pinch me, I must be dreaming! It took a long time to get to this point and I can't believe that I'm almost 1/4th the way through.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

More About Sonogram

At the ultrasound yesterday, I went in by myself first. They wanted to make sure there was a heartbeat before bringing in hubby and the girls. Daniel said when the tech came to the waiting room, smiling, he felt this huge wave of relief. And when they all paraded into the room the technician said, "We were just checking out the baby and listening to the heartbeat..." and I saw Daniel's face break into the biggest grin!

It could make me cry remembering it. The tech found the baby again to show Butterfly and Bumble Bee. Bumble Bee could've cared less but Butterfly was definitely intrigued. The tech turned the heartbeat on and Butterfly got a little spooked because it was so loud, so all of us adults laughed!

After the tech left the room Butterfly was confused. She kept saying she didn't get to see the baby. She thought we were going to the hosital today and that they were going to cut my stomach and show her the baby. I'm not joking- that is what she said! She was very upset when we showed up at the imaging center instead of the hospital. But all is well! The picture of the sono helps and I remind her how little the baby is right now (about an inch in length!).

We proudly hung the sonogram picture on the fridge. Afterwards I started feeling so sick I wanted to pass out and sleep. It was not a fun feeling to have. I still haven't thrown up and I have my fingers crossed that I don't!

I sometimes ask Bumble Bee, "Where's the baby?!" She immediately lifts her own shirt and says, "Tummy!" And after dinner last night Butterfly cuddled with me on the couch and put her hand on my tummy so she could "hold the baby". Such sweet little girls I have! They're going to be great big sisters to a little one.

The cricket is chirping... or the grasshopper hopping! Sonogram Update!

Today was my ultrasound. I won't lie- I was so nervous that I was shaky.

When my name was finally called, a peace settled over me. It's funny how that can happen at times. I went to a different room than usual and had a different machine than usual. It was really grainy and hard to see (heck, she couldn't find my right ovary for quite some time).

The first thing to pop up on the screen was a huge black emptiness and my stomach flopped. The technician laughed and said, "That is your bladder! I'm always amazed by how much water people can hold when they tell them to do it." Yeah, thanks. Sigh of relief!

Then, as she moves the doppler around I catch a glimpse of a sac! And finally, my precious little baby, their heart visibly beating away at 157 bpm. I warn you the pictures are not great at all. I think baby's back was to us. I didn't see any arms or legs because the technology of this particular machine wasn't up to par. I was offered a vag. ultrasound to see more clearly but declined. All I cared about was the heartbeat! We'll have another U/S and a 3D U/S later.

Without further boring you to death with my spiel... meet our Cricket or Grasshopper (we only got one picture, so one is cropped):

Other news from the U/S- large cyst on left ovary, most likely ovulation cyst. Again, the machine really stank.

I'm 9 weeks 1 day, which is right on time based on LMP (the picture says 9 weeks 0 days because of that particular measurement of the baby's back).

Due date is October 20, 2009!

The heartbeat being over 140 only solidified my thoughts that baby might be a girl! And Butterfly decided to change her vote over to my side, too, without prompting. Poor Daddy is all alone, vying for a boy!

Monday, March 16, 2009

9 Weeks

This morning it hit me that my first ultrasound is in 2 days! Everything that could possibly go wrong has already flitted through my mind and I'm trying to stuff it down. I am ready to see a little bean with a heartbeat! I'm ready to see little arm nubs waving around!

On another note- since I've changed the blog up and decided to keep my childrens' names more anonymous and postpone pictures until I can figure out a really good way to protect my pictures (I don't want to do a watermark) I also need an alias for our newest addition.

As I was reading a book one of the character's children was called "Cricket" and I thought it was p-e-r-f-e-c-t! But it sounds more feminine so I've also come up with "Grasshopper"l.

So............ if baby is a girl we'll be dubbing her Cricket! And if baby is a boy they'll be called Grasshopper.

Bumble Bee was being so incredibly funny today. She kept growling and walking around the house like an intoxicated T-Rex. I've never ever seen her do that before and it just gave me the hysterics! She also said a lot of [mean] things today that I didn't know she could say. Like... "Go away Boo (aka Butterfly)!" and "Leave me alone!"

We're also getting ready for Bumble Bee's birthday this weekend. I'm so not motivated but I know once the day comes I'll be so excited. She's turning 2 (hence all the attitude from her lately, ha ha)! All we got her was THIS with my A.mazon giftcard a couple months ago. We are going to set it up the night before the party and surprise her after breakfast.

I was staring at her yesterday, remembering when she was a newborn baby, remembering when she was born and how she looked, felt, smelled... She's so beautiful and I know that she'll become more and more beautiful as time goes on. I may post pics of her as a baby in a coming post but will most likely remove them after a couple days. We shall see!

Today I took Butterfly with me to the store. While we were gone Daddy and Bumble Bee played out in the backyard with our exercise ball. He took pictures and videos of their time out there and it just melted my heart to see them when I got home!

Friday, March 13, 2009

New Beginnings

Okay so I'm very sad to put a major hold on my original blog. I'm someone who gets very attached to familiarity so it's weird to change everything up.

I accidently deleted EVERYONE on my blogroll when I changed the URL (who would've thunk?!). Thankfully I still have the blogroll on my original blog and a Word document with many blog URLs but there's many new blogs I started reading and I hope I can find them again.

So if you haven't already, and I'm on your blogroll, change the URL to http://whendoesdaddycomehome2.blogspot.com/. Otherwise you can just "follow" (don't you just love that feature?)!


In other news, after my internal exam and pap yesterday I saw the most faint, tiniest streak of pink on the TP. It was so faint I almost didn't see it. I know it was from the exam, though, because it hurt like the dickens (something new). I was really crampy later, too. Surprisingly I wasn't shocked or upset about any of it because I knew it was from that huge q-tip thing.

Did the blood test and Glucola today. I actually didn't get Glucola. I got "fruit punch" glucose drink. I hate fruit punch but thankfully my drink was so cold it had ice crystals in it and was easy to chug!

I did not feel sick after drinking it, at all. I sat there for an hour and read 1/4 of The Atonement Child by Francine River. People came and went, probably wondering why they got in and out so fast while I just sat there.

I probably won't hear any news on that stuff until my next appointment. I'm confident I'm going to pass everything with flying colors!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

First Appointment......... finally!

My first appointment went well! It was very routine. Pee in a cup, pelvic exam, bre.ast exam, blood pressure, etc.

My first weigh-in was 179 lbs so I have gained 2 lbs!

I was told I need to do the 1-hr glucose test every trimester because of having PCOS. It increases risks of developing gestational diabetes. Fine, whatever. It doesn't really bother me. I do that test tomorrow, along with routine prenatal blood tests.

And he also scheduled an ultrasound for Wednesday. I was going to go to a clinic and get a free ultrasound but I decided to forego that. Running ultrasonic equipment isn't cheap and I'd rather someone who is in more desperate need get in there than me. I wasn't going to ask for an early sonogram but was willing if he offered. He wanted to do one without asking me if that was alright, just to make sure everything is on track.

The girlies and hubby came with. The girls got restless but they got a sucker so that helped for a bit. I should've just had them stay home with Daniel and had them come the next appointment to hear a heartbeat because doctors don't use the doppler until around week 10-12. But they were excited and felt like a part of this whole process, which is very important to me.

Oh and the major thing I wanted to bring to his attention was being induced early. If you remember, Bumble Bee's right collarbone broke when she was born (see below to know who I'm talking about). My doctor came in the next day, while I was holding my newborn, and told me she would give me a c-section 2 weeks early with the next baby.

You should've seen the look on my doctor's face when I said that. I could tell he had to compose himself. I just said what I thought he was thinking, "I just think that is really extreme." He agreed and said we'll just see how big baby is toward the end and induce (NOT c-section) if need be. He said he doesn't like to "sect" women who've had normal, vag. deliveries and a broken collarbone was not cause for one either.

So yay! I am much relieved to know that I can most likely go full-term. And I'm thankful for having a wonderful doctor.

Money-wise we are paying 20%, a lot less than I thought we would (about $80 a month from April-August). I thought it'd be over $100, maybe close to $200. So I'm VERY relieved about that as well! That doesn't include the hospital bill, of course, just my doctor's prenatal care.

Having these appointments and tests surprisingly makes me feel more pregnant. And I cannot wait for the ultrasound!

One thing he said that made me say, "What?!" was that doctors are now telling pregnant women to not eat ANY tuna (not just Albacore) because mercury levels are increasing in these fish. Good-bye tuna noodle casserole. Sniff, sniff. Better safe than sorry!

I'm consolidating my two blogs into this one. The URL will change and I'll be sure to let everyone know before I change it so that you can find me again! I want to keep my childrens' lives more private so henceforth my oldest will be dubbed Butterfly and my youngest Bumble Bee.

Butterfly- her room was decorated and has been decorated with these beautiful, fluttery creatures. They remind me of her personality: fragile but beautiful, sensitive, sweet, light, bright...

Bumble Bee- this child is just so "bumbly"! She's just so full of life and her little cheeks remind me of bumble bees. Energetic, full of life, flitting from one activity to another, always happy and laughing...

Daniel and I will keep our names as that doesn't bother me.

I am also going to take down pictures on this blog except for my sidebar. When we have the new baby I will post pictures but will most likely take them down after a few days.

So look for the new changes! It's going to be good and refreshing. I also ask that you do NOT use my kids' names in the comments or it will be deleted (nothing personal against you, slip-ups happen!).

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Well today was full blown nausea. It really wasn't bad at all and I didn't need to visit the porcelain throne or anything. But I definitely just did not feel good.

And I keep feeling stabbing, stretching pains, otherwise known as round ligament pain. It comes and goes, some days and then not for many days. It doesn't bother me at all but sometimes if I stretch out I'll get this sharp stab of pain that makes me want to curse. And there's been some sciatic pain but not NEARLY as bad as it was with Bumble Bee. It's still early in the game.

I always feel like I'm coming off as complaining, but I'm truly not. Just listing the symptoms and how I feel. Pregnancy symptoms aren't always the most exciting symptoms until you start feeling movement! I'm so excited and sometimes I try to visualize what baby looks like right now (the fun little button on my right-hand sidebar helps! Look- baby has arm and leg buds now!!!) and try to imagine what they're doing. Probably just twitching and growing. I wonder if babies this young have thought processes. Okay, probably not, but if they did they'd be thinking, "My mom is going to be so cool!"

And I always think of that verse in Psalm about how God formed us when we were yet unseen (my favorite verses!). Maybe my baby is just chillin' with the Holy Spirit in my womb.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Week 8? Already?

I feel like it was just yesterday I was posting a week 6 update. Maybe this will go by faster than I thought..? I am writing this at night to post for tomorrow (Tuesday), btw.

Tonight has been the hardest night by far. Forget morning sickness, I have night sickness! The girls were finally in bed and Daniel and I snuggled on the couch and I started to feel really ill. I grabbed some pretzels and water and that calmed things down for a bit. Then I made Daniel get me applesauce to see if that would help (I also needed some fruit and didn't have any today!).

And the thought of taking my pills?! I want to gag and throw up just thinking about it. I take 3 Metformin pills, 1 Prometrium, 1 prenatal, 1 folic acid (I was taking 4 Metformin and a DHA pill but HAD to cut something out). I'm slowly cutting down how much Metformin I take because they make me so sick and you're supposed to stop taking it by week 10-12.

My skin looks awful. My hair is a frizz-ball. I am not feeling very attractive right now but what can you do?! It's worth it to me for a short while. And it furthers my conviction that maybe baby is a girl... I cannot wait to find out!

I am so eager to get in the nursery and paint. I've kept the door shut and locked to keep myself out. I have very specific nursery colors and plans for each gender so I want to know what we're having beforehand instead of breaking down and doing something neutral. Only 2-3 more months before we find out! I'll post a poll probably next month (April).


This is a tangent but wanted to ask everyone to please sign a petition. My cousin's son, Kaleb, was shaken by his nanny when he was 4-months-old. He was a perfectly healthy, normal baby and is now blind with severe mental and physical disabilities that have rendered him to basically be a baby for the rest of his life. He is now 20-months-old or so and he cannot crawl or even sit up on his own (he's about the same age as Bumble Bee, my youngest daughter).

After 6-months in prison the abuser is seeking to be released and she may get out instead of serving her 7-year-sentence. So I'm just asking that you go to this site and either email the appropriate person (email provided on link) OR to take 20 seconds of your life to enter your name and a comment. We want abusers to know that shaking babies and harming/killing them is not taken lightly!

I don't think people really understand what happens when a baby is shaken (Michaelle, of course you probably understand as you are a nurse). Their brain is basically beaten against their skull and bleeds. The brain/skull fills with fluid and can kill the child. Thankfully they were able to drain Kaleb's skull. But because of all that pressure and lack of oxygen at points, his brain was severly damaged, hence the mental and physical impairments. It also led to him going blind (I don't believe he is 100% blind but is most likely considered legally blind).

If you feel like you're going to lose your cool, baby crying in the crib is not as serious as inflicting harm that could kill them or affect them for life.

And please, keep my cousin's family in your prayers.


The mother's name is Caprina (she is my cousin) and this is what my Aunt (her mom) had to say today:

Today's date is March 9, 2009 almost 6 months after our baby Kaleb's Nanny was sentenced to prison. I am not sure if anyone is still reading this or keeping updated on Kaleb. But his struggles are still much the same as they were on Sept. 19, 2008 when Becky was sentenced to 7 years in prison. He still cannot see and is still cannot sit up by himself, he still has tramatic brain damage all because Rebecca Harrris violently shook him, and beat his head against the wall and crib.

It does not seem fair that on April 2 Becky gets a chance for parole. 7 months for a 7 year sentence just does not seem fair since she gave my grandson a life sentence. Kaleb will never be the same. I know that because our adopted son is also a shaken baby at the hands of his birth father. We need everyone's support to make sure Becky does not walk free on April 2. Kaleb will never be free from his injuries.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

More Babyish

My sweet little 3D baby on the right-hand sidebar is starting to look more like a baby. When I showed Daniel he said the baby looked like a peanut. I got a new journal for this baby so I can start keeping a record of the pregnancy (other than this blog- I like handwritten journals, too). I have one for each of my girls that I want to give them when they're older (maybe when they get married or get pregnant!). I'm going to feel badly if this baby is a boy. I'm sure he could care less how his Mommy's br.easts felt when I was pregnant.

This is going to be pretty boring. There's nothing much else to report. Same ol' symptoms. I can't wait for my appointment on Thursday. I wonder if my doctor will request a sonogram for me or not. He did it early when I was pregnant with Butterfly so we'll see.

Friday, March 6, 2009


This is the point where I miscarried in my last pregnancy. It's a surreal feeling to remember that pain but be in anticipation of another life. It was only a few months ago that I was bleeding and crying my heart out, curled up on my bed in the blackness of my room asking God what He was doing.

I knew that He had a plan but I was completely oblivious to it, as we usually are.

I still don't know what is in store for us but all I can do is trust and enjoy every minute I'm blessed with this pregnancy. I'm so excited. I keep walking into the somewhat empty nursery thinking, "There is going to be another baby here!" Wow!

I'm such an eager person but I've been exercising self-control. I don't have baby stuff all over the house... yet. I think it would drive me even more crazy to see all of it and have to wait so many months.

I did go up to our 3rd story (aka attic) last night to dig through the girls old clothes looking for summer pajamas and clothes since we had a few warm days. And I pulled out a few newborn onesies. I cannot believe my girls were EVER that tiny. I just cannot fathom it. And I cannot wait to fill the onesies with a sweet little newborn!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I made her cry today

Following the post with the video of Butterfly insisting on having a brother, NOT a sister... she brought the topic of the baby up again. We were just chatting on her bed and Bumble Bee was trying to climb on me. Butterfly tells her, "Be careful, you'll hurt the baby!"

I told Butterfly that it was okay, that the baby is safe. And because I just can't help myself, and because I love to hear how incredibly persistent she is I asked her what the baby's name was. She starts waving to my belly and saying, "Hi, Caiden!" And telling me all about how the baby is a boy and swimming in my tummy.

Bumble Bee, who is walking around the room and being a goof, keeps overhearing Butterfly say boy so she starts to parrot it, "Boy... boy!" So I turned to her and ask her if the baby is a boy or a girl. She doesn't hesitate to say, "Girl!"

Butterfly starts to cry. She is starting to get really upset about me telling her that the baby might be a girl and we won't know what we get to name them until after her birthday. Sobbing, with tears streaming down her face, she cries out, "The baby is a BOY, Momma. The baby is a BOY! The baby is Caiden!!!"

I really can't wait to see which of my daughters is right. I had to giggle at Butterfly's emotional outburst and insistence because it was so sweet. But now I'll feel bad if the baby isn't a boy because her heart is so set on one. Ahhh, well, God knows and He has a plan and it's too late now! The baby is already who they are.

And can I just say that Daniel almost throws a similar fit if I mention the baby might be a girl? He whips his head around to look at me straight in the eyes and never fails to say, "Or the baby is a boy, honey!" Bwuahaha! I do it just to tease them all. I'm actually starting to think of and refer to the baby as a "he" so who knows! They may even convert me to their Team Blue Club. I want to get further along and see how my belly looks and how I feel.

One more week to my first OB appointment!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Baby Bump Pic?

I thought I'd post a belly pic. I'm not very good at being consistent with the pics but I'll do them when I remember. Note that I'm kind of sucking in because I am used to doing that and this pic was taken at the END of the day, so you always look bigger at the end of the day. I always have a beautiful little bump so no complaints here; just wanted to explain since I still look pretty big for 7 weeks. It's just my organs. Baby is still tucked deep down under the pelvis:

Butterfly insists the baby is a boy. Bumble Bee isn't ever really interested in talk about the baby. She just likes to tell me, "Baby... tummy!" And then she squints her eyes and nods her head like it is the most profound statement in the world! Too cute!

So far the gender predictions:

Butterfly and Daniel think BOY
Bumble Bee and I think GIRL

Monday, March 2, 2009

Week 7

So I'm probably about 7 weeks now. Yesterday I felt the tiniest bit of nausea before I ate lunch. I was going to heat up leftover chicken and dumplings that my MIL made me on Sunday but for some reason, even though I had eaten it the day before, I couldn't fathom eating it again yesterday because I thought I was going to be sick.

Instead I made one of my favorite "secret" foods that I've never really shared with anyone before. I don't eat it often for obvious reasons. I love to make rice and mix Cream of Mushroom soup in it to make a creamy mushroom rice concoction. Perfect comfort food and rice is good for upset tummies.

It's getting difficult to lift my girls. I just feel different in my abdomen region even though my belly is still on the small side. Most of the time I just forget until I'm lifting one of them. I've also pulled ligaments already, too, from over-stretching in the morning. It hurts so bad! It reminds me that I'm really pregnant and things are changing drastically inside my body because I seriously forget. I cannot wait for baby movements!

And I had some sciatic discomfort, not pain, earlier today.

I haven't been doing workouts like I wanted to. I did find a prenatal workout on DVD (for $3!!!) so hopefully I'll remember to do it sometime today to keep from getting stiff and from getting hurt. It's way too early in the game to be shuffling around, hunched over from sciatic pain! Ha!

So not much else to relate. Still have the same tender/sensitive BBs which is so weird and new to me. And........... that's it! Nothing else to say. Just one boring pregnant lady and I hope to keep it that way.

Jelly Bean- is about the size of a BLUEBERRY! Baby's brain is growing fast, generating about 100 new cells every minute. Arms and legs are emerging as joints start to form, and a permanent set of kidneys is now in place.

Next week baby will be wiggling around with little arm and leg buds! Cannot wait and hoping for an ultrasound to confirm dates and see a beautiful heartbeat.

Sunday, March 1, 2009


By the middle of this month I'll have all the money I need to buy the baby's crib!!! Yay! I picked out this one. I'm so very excited! It matches the changing table I have perfectly. I think once I get it I may evict Bumble Bee from the nursery and give a try at having the sisters room together.

Part of me is really sad to see Bumble Bee leave behind her room, her sanctuary. She is very dependent on things that are her own. She never had a lovey or a binky and only recently started coddling baby dolls. Her crib was her comfort zone, then her toddler bed. I'm afraid that taking her entire room from her might scare her. Plus it just makes this overly emotional pregnant woman want to cry because of the changes. I blame it all on the hormones!

Or... she may absolutely love being with her big sister in the same room. I doubt it, though. Bumble Bee has "personal space issues". Anytime Butterfly tries to hug her or take her hand, Bumble Bee pulls away. She hates having her hair brushed or messed with. In fact, even as a baby Bumble Bee would not like being held. She rarely (and I mean RARELY) would fall asleep in my arms, or anyone elses' arms for that matter.

Bumble Bee was most content and happy to be laying on the floor, in the bouncer or in the swing as an infant. When it was time to feed her, she'd arch her back from me, so I'd have to lay her in the bouncer and feed her that way. She was not a bad baby, in fact she rarely cried! She was always smiling and laughing and cooing. And there was no physical ailment (like colic). It was just her preference.

Bumble Bee is very much like her mother with her personal space issues! I feel suffocated when people sit too closely to me or if there are a lot of people around me. I'm super sensitive in that respect. Too much noise and too many bodies in one space put my nerves on edge. I think Bumble Bee is the same way. Where Butterfly had to have constant touch and attention, Bumble Bee did not.

And no, Bumble Bee does not have any psychological issues either (like autism). She is my CLOWN, always making people laugh, she has a very big vocab for her age and is quite social when comfortable with people.
I feel like adding that because when Bumble Bee was a baby people would make remarks about her not wanting to be held and they tried to label her with big words that had nothing to do with anything. This is just her personality. Her pediatrician agrees.

As she has gotten older she has let me hold her more and has even fallen asleep on me more times in recent months than in her entire life. But it is usually only me or her Daddy. Probably making up for lost time! I think she'll be a wonderful big sister but may fight for more attention than Butterfly ever did because Bumble Bee is my entertainer, always wanting me to give her approval and laugh at her silliness.

Butterfly, on the other hand, was the baby that had to be held constantly. That child was in my arms 24/7! She even co-slept with us, in the crook of my arm for 10-11 months before she got too big and wiggly for any of us to sleep well. Not that I slept well anyway. Even now Butterfly is still very cuddly but growing in independence all the time.

So I wonder what this baby will be like! Probably somewhere in the middle temperment-wise? Wanting to be held but not all the time? Indepedently dependent? Wild or calm? Talkative or quiet? I cannot wait to find out!

And I cannot wait to start tackling that nursery. I'm going to paint the trim once Bumble Bee is comfortable sharing a room so that when we find out the gender we're ready to just paint the walls and it'll go fast.

I had a dream last night that we had the baby and it was a girl. In the dream we kept calling her Zoe but there was a problem with her intestines. I don't know if that has to do with the food I ate before bed or if God is wanting me to pray specifically or because of other peoples' babies having similar issues. Daniel and I are praying for the proper development of all the baby's parts!

The baby in the dream was not in NICU or anything. We were home (but it wasn't our home in real life) and I just remember how wonderful and real the baby seemed in the dream. Very content and peaceful baby. I've thought the baby is a girl, but I'm usually wrong, and maybe the dream was based on my gender guess. We will find out by June!