Monday, February 16, 2009

What the H-E-double hockey sticks!

So I called my doctor's office today and told them I had a positive test at home. They told me to come in and confirm with one of their tests before I could be seen. Fine, no problemo.

Well after I got off the phone I got so dizzy I felt like I was drunk. I was stumbling and I had to scoot myself down the stairs for fear of falling. I called MIL and had her take me while Daniel watched the girlies. It was really bad. I had to drink more water and that made me feel better. I drank the water about an hour before the urine test.

*SIGH* Their test was negative. I can only hope that it was because I drank so much stinking water. Not to mention their tests don't pick up as much HCG as FRER (First Response).

Now when she walked in and told me, I actually felt very calm and peaceful. I said to her, "I'm not worried about it," and she said she wasn't either. She handed me a bag of prenatal vitamins anyway and got a lab write-up for a blood draw.

So I had my blood drawn right after the urine test. Results tomorrow, hopefully before lunch according to the nurse. I'll wait until noon and if they don't call then I'll call after their lunch hours. Blech, I feel like I'm going to be sick with waiting.

Why can't I just walk in, pee on a stick, have it come up positive? Why? Why? Why? Can't I just have another normal pregnancy, PLEASE? Part of me just feels very peaceful. I even thought to myself before I went, "Don't be surprised if it is negative because you're probably earlier than you think and their tests s*ck." But the human side of me that is fearful and scared is trying to take control of my peace. Again, "blighted ovum" are the words dancing around in my head.

*SIGH* Am I destined to only have dramatic pregnancies from here on out? I hope not. And yes, I'm fine. The dizziness wore off slowly after I drank more water. But that danged water may have caused me undue stress.


Anne Elizabeth said...

It is good you don't have to wait to long for the blood results. I'm praying for you.

The Mommy said...

I'll be prying for you, Joy! All you want is a "normal" pregnancy and I just want a "normal" delivery. We're not asking for too much are we?

Andrea said...

How frustrating! *HUG* I'll be praying double. Update us as soon as you hear the results!

Joy said...

Thank you everyone! I'm not trying to be a drama queen but I feel like that is how I'm coming off lately. I just want everything to be perfectly normal, healthy and fine.

Susan Sene said...

I just realized after seeing your baby ticker that we are exactly 2 weeks apart (by my calculations, I'm 7 weeks exactly today)! :) How fun! I will pray for you as you receive the bloodwork results.

Anonymous said...

Hope you get good results today Joy. I find it ridiculous that clinics don't use more powerful tests than they do, especially when the more powerful HPT are available on the shelves. I'm guesing the negative was just due to all the water you drank. But I know how natural it is to worry. Hang in there. I have a good feeling about this little bean. :-D

Mel said...

Let us know how those results turn out... what a frustrating time, I am SURE.