Thursday, February 19, 2009



I've been trying to be busy today! I'm anxiously awaiting my 2nd beta results which I know will be fine. But I'm anxious nonetheless.

Before I found out Jelly Bean existed, I started a project in my bedroom. In the master bedroom there is a second, smaller room that I have dubbed The Sitting Room. Sometimes I feel fancy enough to call it The Powder Room. However no one sits or powders in it............ yet!

When we first moved to this house there was ugly flower wallpaper on part of the walls and primer on the others. Someone was trying to build a funky looking closet on one wall, too. Part of my work in the room was ripping out the closet. DEMOLITION! I finally, FINALLY just now got the last piece off the ceiling.

I'm going to paint the woodwork in there the same brown as the bedroom trim (why the former owners painted the gorgeous woodwork I will NEVER understand!). And the walls will be a cranberry color, I hope (I'm mixing my own color).

Why am I writing all of this on my pregnancy blog, instead of my main blog? Because I feel pregnant when I do work. When I exert myself even a little (walking up the stairs slowly) my heart picks up speed. The pregnant body pumps 50% more blood than a non-pregnant body, so that is understandable.

And I can feel my womb growing and expanding, too. If my chest gets jostled from walking, or running up the stairs, I feel this tingly tenderness. When I first started the project, pre-positive pregnancy stick, I didn't feel this way! So cool to be in tune with my body and feel a difference. Like last night I laid down on my belly to write in my journal and I can already feel what feels like a very small, inflated balloon very, very low in my body.

Even with new symptoms seemingly every day- it's still so surreal. It won't be real to me until a sonogram or movements; whichever comes first. Baby movements are my favorite part of being pregnant. I love to play with my babies in utero. I like to push, poke, prod [gently] and just rest my hands to feel them move.

My ticker is saying I'm over 5 weeks. I really wonder how far along I truly am. Of course all of it is just estimation but I like having a number. I'd be surprised if I was more than 5 weeks along. We shall see! Maybe my doctor will let me get a sonogram when I go in for my first appointment (around week 8-10).

I almost can't suck in my stomach anymore. While I did lose some weight and inches from working out, I still had a little belly. So if I stop sucking in my stomach I look like I'm 3-4 months pregnant. I showed Daniel last night what I looked like when I stopped sucking it in and his mouth literally dropped open and he said, "You look pregnant!" Well, duh, honey... I am!

Very soon I won't be able to breathe and hold it in any longer. I'll have to don some maternity wear early and let it all hang out. At least it looks ROUND and pregnant and not like fat!

Update: I finally got the call with my beta results around 4 pm. Waiting wasn't a problem until after 1:30. Then I started getting a little worried, wondering if maybe they were waiting to call with bad news until the work day was over.

Thankfully I don't have bad news. I have GREAT news!

In 42 hours my HCG went up to 504!!! So the numbers more than doubled in less than the time they should (usually double within 72 hours).

I'm feeling really, really bloated and crampy tonight. Grow, baby, grow!


The Mommy said...

I LOVE maternity clohes just because they make me feel pregnant and not just fat! I'm sure you'll really be showing before too much longer.
Oh...we do have a boy name just in case. Eli Ronan.

Monkey's Momma said...

Good for Jelly Bean!!

Anonymous said...

Great news. :-D

Andrea said...

Yay!!! I'm so happy :-)

Amber said...

I'm so glad for good results... who knows, maybe God planted TWO jelly beans in there. It's a good HCG, I'm just sayin'...