Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Positively Glowing

Have you ever made eye contact with someone of the opposite gender over the shelves in the store? You see them give you this slow smile, or notice them blatantly "checking you out" though your body is hidden behind the rack of knick knacks. You basically can see that they think you're cute or pretty...

... until you turn the corner and they see the kids hanging all over the cart, smearing peanut butter on the front of your shirt, screaming like apes. Oh the look on their faces is priceless when they notice the sparkling diamonds on your left hand and all your precious children. How quickly they redden and turn away!

I got a lot of those kinds of looks today. So I'm guessing I must look radiant or I must be glowing. Okay okay, so my cheeks are really rosy because of mild rosacea from all the hormones. But I am not complaining! Bring on the acne and swelling! It is worth it in the end.

So yesterday I had such bad indigestion that I was laying on the couch, holding my stomach, and groaning in misery. I drank and drank water and it didn't help. I ate some pretzels (to soak up stomach acid) and I had a brief reprieve before it came back. Only sleep cured it because I woke up acid-free!

Pretzels and Ginger Ale are my cure-alls in pregnancy. The pretzels taste better than crackers and are just as effective. And I love how bubbly Ginger Ale is and it really settles a nauseated stomach. So far I haven't had to get any of the pop.

My 2nd lab draw was today, results tomorrow. I have a great feeling that the number is going to be well over 500, which is what it needs to be. Then we can put all this worrying and nonsense behind us and focus on gender games and nursery paint swatches (which I got today when I ran into H.ome D.epot for some more trim paint).

Speaking of H.ome D.epot I also checked out their chair rails. I REALLY REALLY want to put chair rail in the nursery. I've wanted to do it for a long time. The cheapest one I found was $1.19 per foot and I actually really like it more than the expensive ones. I'm thinking it might cost around $30-40 to do the chair rail. Not too shabby! But definitely not the main issue right now.

I almost broke down and bought this can of "OOPS Paint" (paint that they mix up wrong or someone doesn't buy). These cans are only $5 a gallon. FIVE BUCKS for a gallon of paint. And I could've lived with the shade but decided to wait. Green is the color I want to do if we have a boy and if we end up with another girl I might regret it (green works in a girl room, too, but I have different plans if we have a girl). So be PROUD of me! I practiced some major self control today.

All right, this was long. I'm off to eat a small snack and chug some water. I'm anxiously awaiting my results tomorrow, trying to not think about it. And LOST is on tonight- looks like a great episode!


Anonymous said...

You make me giggle - you are positively glowing and I can tell it through your words. ;o)

I luv that our nursery has a chair rail - it was kind of a pain in the arse to paint, but it would be SO MUCH EASIER if you could paint the walls first, then paint the chair rail and hang it and touch it up. I can't wait to see your work in progress!

The Mommy said...

You should take pictures of your glowing self!

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to hear the beata results. I'm praying they are exactly where they need to be. :-D

Anne Elizabeth said...

Do you mean chair rail like what I have in my bathroom? That would be really neat, but it does have its minuses.

I had a guy checking my at in McD's the other day. He was totally obvious about it and didn't seem to care that I had two little ones and am obviously pregnant.