Friday, February 13, 2009

Love is in the air! *Updated with Test Results*

Update at end.

Tomorrow is the LOVE holiday! I'm not really into the holiday and we don't have plans but I was thinking about taking a test tomorrow, just to make sure. It's probably way too early [if my cycles are off] and I'm probably not pregnant. But I want to know when I am as soon as possible so I can take the progesterone pills I have leftover. So just a precaution, I guess. I really don't have any feelings on that right now. I don't feel I'll be disappointed since I have another focus right now (weight loss). If I was JUST TTC right now,it'd probably be really hard, especially on V-Day, to get a BFN.

The scale has been stuck. It just won't move! It's discouraging but Daniel was telling me today that he can tell that I've slimmed/toned as much as a girl of my size can look slimmed down.* I really should post pictures but I never think of it. My size 14 jeans can now be slipped on and off without unbuttoning them! I looked at jeans today at the store but wasn't ready to buy a "transition" pair just yet.

(*I don't think it helps that I'm eating the chocolate my MIL gave me for Valentine's Day, does it? Ahhh... indulging once in awhile never hurt anyone!)

Have I ever mentioned that my kids love exercise time, if they're awake when I do it? I usually do it during their naptime or after they go to bed. But every now and then we'll break out a workout video and we'll all jump and workout together.

There is nothing sweeter than watching them try to mimick the trainer. Or maybe their awkward movements are from trying to mimick ME! Ha ha!

Speaking of exercise, time for my "last chance workout" before our weigh-in tomorrow morning. Even though I really weigh 176 lbs the scale shows 180 lbs. It just will not go below 180!!! It's driving me nuts.


God decided to give us a different, new pumpkin..

That's right! We are due in October, around the time we found out we were pregnant with our last little pumpkin! I'm shaking so bad. I didn't even mean to test. I turned off the computer, went upstairs to get ready for bed, realized how badly I had to pee... I decided waiting until morning would be stupid. I honestly did not think I was pregnant this cycle. At all. And then I thought about how Mel didn't have pregnancy symptoms when she got pregnant with Baby Girl.

I just wanted to test to be certain, so I could start the progesterone in case I was. I'm not even 4 weeks yet. I'm about 12dpo making me 3 weeks, 5 days. Obviously those dates might be off. BUT CAN YOU FRIGGIN' BELIEVE IT?

No wonder my weight decided to plateau. And no wonder my chest decided to swell back up to its' normal annoying size. Oh. My. God, how I love Thee. THANK YOU, JESUS! I'm sorry I didn't lose more weight beforehand but this is SO worth it. I can lose it later!

And yes I'm positive this is positive. I took a test in January before I got AF to make sure my levels were down to zero. I had two VERY negative tests last month, which was a relief in the sense that I'd KNOW I had a BFP when I got one. And I HAVE ONE!

*TICKER on left sidebar is based on LMP. Because of having messed up cycles I am basing it on LMP!


Mrz. Hannah Myhre said...

How exciting!!! Congradulations on your new pumpkin!!! I'm very happy for you.. God is good isn't He.?


Becky said...

OMG how exciting!! Maybe all the exercise and eating healthy helped??

I hope I can join you with another BFP soon:)

Ris said...

Congratulations Joy! This is such wonderful news!!!! Praying fir a safe and healthy pregnancy! How did Daniel take the news!? Praise God!

Andrea said...

YAY!!! I'm so so so so excited for you! :-D When I read the update I screamed "woohoo!" I just told Matt and he gave me a high five. It's amazing that we really are pregnant at the same time! You are just a month behind me :-) Congratulations!

Photogrl said...


What an AWESOME blessing! Woo-hoo!

Praying for happy & healthy nine months for you and the lil pumpkin.

Anne Elizabeth said...

Congrats:) I am so excited for you. I'm praying for a safe and healthy pregnancy. I never got a BFP that early so I think that is a really good sign! Are you going to continue to see Dr. S?

Josh Via said...

Oh my word Joy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am SO excited for ya'll!!! Praise the Lord, He is SO good=) I'm doing a happy dance right now...

Josh Via said...

Woops, that was Tasha signed in under Josh, my husband=)

(that could have looked a little awkward=))

The Mommy said...

I'm SO excited!!!!!!!! I just left a comment on the other blog and didn't mention that I'm SO excited!!!

Donna Maria said...

Just wanted to add my congratulations Joy....You sound sooooo excited and I hope you have a very happy and safe pregnacy. Xx

Q. and La. said...

Jamie "The Mommy" sent me your way! Congrats!!! I am so happy for you!

Amber said...

Congratulations, Joy! This is a fantastic Valentines surprise. I think God's love letter to you came in the form of two pink lines, huh? :)

Praying for you and your little sweetheart!

Lisa said...

Congratulations. :) I am truly happy for you, and will pray for you all the more. :) Keep up the good work with diet and exercise, I bet it helped! `Lisa

Anonymous said...

CONGRATS!! Google Reader didn't refresh so I could see your update so I totally missed it until now. Gah! Yay yay yay! October sounds like a fabulous month for a birthday! I really had no symptoms at the beginning either, and I hope you have as smooth of a pregnancy as I have so far! Congrats again!

Mel said...

UH, WOW! Holy cow!!!!!!!!!!!! I get offline for 2 days and miss the biggest news!