Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Like a Racehorse

I think my most noticeable symptom today was having to pee constantly. Every time I take a sip I am running upstairs to the bathroom! Hey, at least it is good exercise to have to keep going up the stairs. In fact, I have to go right now. Ugh!

My skin has been extremely dry, no matter how much water I drink or how much lotion I put on. I cannot wait for the weather to figure out which direction it is going- warm or cold!

Which brings me to my next, strange symptom- I'm freezing cold all the time! Even when it is warm. Even with the space heater on me it's like this cold deep inside. Weird! Most pregnant women get hot flashes. Instead I'm a Pregsicle.

I know I make Andrea hungry every time I post and this will be no exception. I made tuna noodle casserole for dinner the other night- and the girls went to bed hungry because they refused to touch it. But me? Oh man, it was so good. There's a ton of leftovers and I have to refrain from eating too much fish! There's only about 10 ounces of tuna (not albacore) in there so I think I can have a little for lunch tomorrow and all will be well in Babyland.

Still no nausea except a little stomach discomfort after I take my pills. Instead I want to eat constantly, which is not good in my opinion. I don't want to gain over 25-30 lbs! At the rate I want to eat I might exceed that. Must... have... control..! Nausea always hit me around 8 weeks when pregnant with my girls.

I remember vividly when I got morning sickness with Butterfly. I was about 8-9 weeks. It was the week of my wedding. After the wedding ceremony, I sat in the bathroom with my face against the cool floor while everyone else ate and chatted. I threw up in the car on our way to our honeymoon... and on the way back. I remember that before then I didn't feel sick. I'm still waiting for it to hit me soon!

Insomnia- I have a major problem sleeping now and I'm only 6 weeks! Once I wake up, I'm up. Whereas before I got pregnant I could sleep through a train wreck outside my window, or at least fall back asleep after being woken up by it. Butterfly decided to climb into bed with me at 3:30am and I wasn't able to fall back asleep for almost an HOUR! It's horrible- I love and value my sleep very, very much!

Wow, this was really boring and kudos to you for reading to the end!


The Mommy said...

We're pregnancy twins!! I spent the first 12+ weeks of this pregnancy FREEZING! No matter what I did, I was till cold. I also have horrible insomnia off and on throughout pregnancy and then I'm so tired.

Anne Elizabeth said...

I've been FREEZING this entire pregnancy and I was with Pink or Buddy too.

Mel said...

I have been totally sweltering for months. I am so thankful to be pregnant in the winter. At least you'll be at your most uncomfortable in the summer if the "pregsicle" thing keeps up!!!!!
Maybe you'll be lucky and the sickness part won't happen this time! (a girl can dream...)

Andrea said...

I'm hungry all the time too, and yes your post made me even more hungry! ;-) If I lived there I would be knocking on your door to share leftovers!

I've been having insomnia too! On a good night I only lay awake about 45 minutes in the middle of the night. Last night I only got a little over 5 hours of sleep and spent 3 hours laying awake in the middle of that. Awful! I love my sleep too...a lot. It's definitely pregnancy related, I wasn't having problems before. We'll really be ready for newborns when the time comes to stay up with them half the night!

Kaye said...

So glad to hear that I'm not the only one who has DRY DRY DRY skin during my pregnancy. My skin has NEVER been this dry and I was thinking it was a combo of the pregnancy of the excessively dry winter we're having and the hormones. In fact, I had a day at the spa on Monday and the girl who did my facial commented on how quickly my arms, fingers, and face were SOAKING up her lotion! And I've been through a tube of chapstick in about 2 weeks now! Just letting you know you aren't alone!

Anonymous said...

With Hannah, I was so hot. Then, with Emily, I was bone chilled all the time. And with Maddie, I would alternate between hot flashes and bone chills. So weird!

I hope you get some sleep soon; otherwise this will be a looooong pregnancy!

Susan Sene said...

Thanks for commenting. Sorry you weren't able to see the video. I know when YouTube is blocked at work, I can't view it either. You can do a search on the Internet. Her name is Lia and she's from Canada. This was a project for her class. The story that goes with it is just as admirable as her speech. God bless!