Monday, February 16, 2009

I spoke too soon...

Okay last night's post on being nervous and having lack of "important" symptoms that reassure you that pregnancy is most likely progressing properly. Yeah, forget what I said. I feel like total crud today. The progesterone is giving me headaches that make me want to scream.

But now I'm feeling ill. I don't want or need to throw up, thank goodness. But I feel a general icky feeling. Maybe it is from the headaches, maybe it is from my sweet little blessing. Or both. Regardless it actually makes me feel better.

I love how people have sweet little nicknames for their unborn babies before they find out the gender. So I want to think up a little name for this one. We had "Pumpkin" for the last one because we found out on Halloween that we were pregnant. Now that we're due near Halloween I was thinking maybe "Our Little Jack-o-Lantern" or something.

Then I thought of Sweet Pea, Cupcake, Peanut, Sweet Potato... Maybe I could call them our little Kernel (like corn... because corn is one of those things you see in October too!) but it's not as cute. There's just so many and I haven't talk to Daniel yet. I'll see what he thinks. But I also LOVE polls so I may put a poll up. Let me know if you have thoughts or ideas, too. Maybe there's something out there that I just haven't thought up yet but would love.

As it stands we're still really set on our names. I told Butterfly that if the baby was boy his name would be Caiden Isaac. She loves to roll the name around in her mouth and says it very clearly. Then I told her if it is a girl her name would be Zoe Beth (with the two dots above the "O"- I forgot the ALT code for that one so if any of y'all know it, let me know!). Butterfly loves the names! Bumble Bee cannot pronounce them at all. I don't think Bumble Bee even knows what we're talking about yet!

I feel strongly these are the names God has given us. When I had Butterfly and Bumble Bee we didn't know what to name them. They were named in the hospital after they were born but were on our "list". I am so glad and relieved to have names chosen already so we can get used to the name early on, before the birth. Wow, getting ahead of myself mentioning birth! Ha ha! I want to enjoy every moment of this time. It feels like it is dragging on but I'm fine with that.

My last pregnancy I had already done some research to figure out some products I'm interested in getting. I have two major purchases: crib and carseat. The crib can actually wait for a long time since we have a bassinet still. But I did research and fell in love with THIS CARSEAT. Except the price went up incredibly since I last looked at it. I just want the carseat, not the stroller. I wonder if they sell it separate? If not I'll just find a different seat but I think this one is gorgeous.


Anonymous said...

Yay for feeling crappy! ;o) I mean that in the best way possible...

Your names are fantastic - I'm partial to Zoe, only because it's our sweet (boy) dog's name, but that is a complicated story in and of itself, and I don't want you to forever associate your sweet girl-to-maybe-be's name with my mutt.

That carseat is cutie! I think it's the SnugRide seat, right? I'm sure you could get it out of the travel system. If you check out, they have all the car seats and where you can find them, etc. We got the SafeSeat instead of the SnugRide because it goes up to 30 lbs instead of the SnugRide's 22 lbs. But that's only because we're destined to have giant babies. :) I love this pattern though!

Anne Elizabeth said...

That carseat is really cute. I'm sure that they sale it separate the thing is it might end up being cheaper to buy the whole system. Graco carseats are pretty expensive when you buy them individually. I've only ever used Graco carseats. I love them for their safety rating, but I don't think they are as easy to get in and out of the car as what the one you used with E. They are also heavier than the one you used with E.

Andrea said...

Zöe Beth - a beautiful name!! The alt code is ALT 148. And I really like Caiden, especially the way you have it spelled! I kind of like Sweet Potato, it's unique, but so cute! And appropriate for that time of year. :-) YAY!!! I'm SO excited for you! I'm going to respond to your email sometime tonight or in the morning. I love having someone to talk to about this stuff who has such a close due date!

Mel said...

Surely the sell it separately. Very cute seat! Did you check Babies R Us or Target?
I hope you continue to feel like crap! (nice thing to say to someone, eh?) ;-)

PS-my word verification is "Peter." I am so juvenile, I laughed out loud and hard. Hahaha!