Monday, February 23, 2009


Well just a quick update to say that all is going well so far! My first OB appointment is scheduled for March 12th. I think I'll be 8 weeks then so we probably won't get a sono or hear baby's heartbeat. Well... he might want me to get a sonogram just see how far along I am since I did get pregnant after miscarrying. But I'm not going to ask for one because my insurance only covers one and I want to do it around 20 weeks. If he wants to do it, though, I'll go ahead with it. Any chance to see Jelly Bean is awesome.

Symptoms today are at a minimum. Not feeling sick or sensitive to smells. Then again, there really isn't anything stinky in my house to be sensitive to since I've been a cleaning maniac.

But my ta-tas are SORE today! I don't remember this with my girls at all. I always remembered (and this is going to sound silly) squeezing them and pushing on them to see if they were sore to no avail when pregnant with each of my daughters. I picked Bumble Bee up in a hug this morning and let's just say it hurt!

I've really been craving seaweed and rice. When Daniel gets home I'm going to make him to go the Chinese supermarket and get me some good, sticky rice for our rice cooker and some dry seaweed "paper" so I can make my own crabless California rolls. (I don't like crab.)

I've been avoiding popcorn!!! Can you believe it? The smell of it makes me want to gag. Not puke, just gag. One of my first posts on my original blog was about how much I loved making my own popcorn. Yuck!

Ummm... not much else going on. I've already had mild sciatic pain two or three times because I was lifting the kiddos. Yeah, bad Joy, I know!

Oh- and I did have to break out maternity jeans on Saturday. I put on my regular jeans and they still fit, but the pressure was too much to bear. Plus, I can't suck my stomach in anymore. I'm very short so it's no wonder, plus I still had a little belly anyway. Thankfully, when I have maternity jeans on, I look pregnant and not fat! They're so comfortable, but I'm short and they seem really short on ME. What is up with that?!


Anne Elizabeth said...

I have been craving sushi this whole pregnancy. I hated the smell of popcorn during my first trimester which was funny, because before I got pregnant I was making it every night. I have only been able to make it a couple of times since being pregnant because it still makes me feel nauseous. Oh and I have a TON of really yummy rice that someone gave me. It is a really good expensive rice so let me know if you want some. I have way more than I could ever use!

Lucky said...

Congrats on your pregnancy!! I hope your first appointment goes well!!

Andrea said...

I want sushi so bad now! It's okay to eat California rolls while pregnant right, because the crab is cooked? I should stop reading your posts, you always make me hungry!!! ;-)

I want to wear maternity jeans! I must be missing something, maybe I should go to a special maternity clothing store. I could not find any that looked like they would fit any time soon. Do you have a belly band?

Haha, I should just go email you since this is turning out to be so long with so many questions!

Joy said...

Yes- you can have California rolls because the crab is cooked!

The Mommy said...

I love maternity jeans! It's always nice to look pregnant and not fat!

Susan Sene said...

haha that ta tas comment made me crack up - mine are sore as well and I still constantly push and prod them! :)