Friday, January 23, 2009


Are you a parent? A mother to small children? It is one thing to go into public with one child (unless said child happens to be, ummm, less than manageable on outings) and quite another to go out into public with more than one.

Every single time I go out with the kids, without any other adult, I come home ready to pull my hair out. It's a constant barrage of "Don't touch that," "Stop whining," and "If you don't knock it off I'm taking you home!" I probably say the word "Don't" a gazillion times. I get stares, lots and lots of stares.

So today I used my best playing card. The promise of the golden arches and a playground of tubes and slides. Oh yes, we went to Mc.Donalds. A few blocks away from the place of happy meals and french fries I kept arguing with myself in my head about it and trying to decide if I was going to skip lunch or indulge in some warm, salty fries.

My craving won out! I ordered everything SMALL and got lemonade instead of pop (or as many of you like to say "soda"). Well I just entered the nutritional information into my tracker and guess what! My entire Mc.Donald's meal, including lemonade, was only 553 calories. The fat for it all was 25 (but I have an allotment of 32-56 a day).

I haven't gone over my calories OR my fat intake for the day and I still got to indulge a little. It's been months since I've been there and I was nervous for my bowels but so far, so good! The kiddos got to run around and play at the indoor playground, too.

Funny story- There was this group of women there with their kids. All of them had newborns or were pregnant and they had older children (no older than 7 or 8). They were talking about homeschooling and conversion minivans. I felt like I was eavesdropping on a very posh Mommy Circle. And these women seemed to do it all! Homeschool, field trips, play dates, having newborns and no sleep and no sex... wow, I think I found Super Mom's playgroup. I could tell who the "head honcho" was of the group, too.

Very, very interesting to say the least! But they were also very gossipy about some mothers that weren't there for the date so definitely not feeling envious. Don't they realize that when they're the ones missing a playdate (unless they ARE Super Mom, then that would never happen) that their sex lives and parenting skills are being rated by their "friends" as well? If you talk with a talker, chances are that talker talks with others about you too!


Amber said...

Ugh... you helped me to remember why I haven't joined a playgroup yet. I can't stand the gossip and competition. Can't we just hang out and enjoy our kids?!

Congrats on your successful MCD trip. I was not so successful last night on my date to the Mexican restaurant. It was our first time out in ages and I paid for it for several hours afterwards... blah!

Photogrl said...

Yay for indulging, yet being smart about it!

Why do our children love the Golden Arches so?

The Mommy said...

Maggie loves to go to McDonald's but I think it's more about going out to eat as a Mommy/Daughter thing. It's one of the few places that we go, just the two of us. She almost always eats all of her hamburger, apple dipers and rinks all of her milk which is rare. She also shares my fries. I love how happy it makes her when we go there, but we should pick somewhere more healthy.

Anonymous said...

No sleeping dads in a corner this time? ha ha ha....
I hope the girls behaved then since they got their Mickey D's!

Andrea said...

Every time I read this blog I get hungry! ;-)

I used to work with people who gossiped all the time. I knew that when I wasn't there or that when I went to the bathroom they would all talk about me. Because they talked about everyone as soon as that person would step out of the room (we all shared a big office). It was so sad...

Shari said...

Hi I just dropped over from your sister's blog.

My baby is almost 18 but still LOVES McDonald's. He fasted McDonald's for all of 2008.... but come the strike of midnight on New Year's Eve... Derek and all his friends loaded up the van and headed to McDonald's.

Derek is convinced that God will have a McDonald's in heaven!!