Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I'm a Momsicle!

Well hello there dear friends! I am writing to you from an icebox. Okay, so it's just the family room. Our heat turns down to 60 around 10-11PM so I'm a bit chilly. Just a bit!

Right now I'm asking myself a few questions-

1). Why on earth am I not upstairs, cuddled under my warm comforter in 68 degrees of delicious warmth?

2). Why does losing weight hurt and feel so good at the same time?

3). Why does Daniel think shooting people on video games is entertainment and relaxing? I'm stressed out just listening to the gunfire!

4). What on earth am I making for dinner tomorrow?

5). Why am I not in bed yet?

6). Is my nose frozen? Have I turned into a Momsicle?!

I originally got on here over an hour ago to do a workout. Oops. I totally forgot in the midst of reading the bagillion comments I've gotten for the giveaway and chatting it up on a forum about a woman who just gave birth to EIGHT babies (click here)!

Now don't fret! I did do a million crunches........ more than usual anyway.

On other good news, my wedding ring is sliding all over my finger. Being cold is part of it but even when I'm really hot and swollen my wedding ring is loose. This is a major deal to me! I got it re-sized about a year ago because it was a size 6 and I had to "upgrade" to a 7.5. Looks like I'm getting it re-sized again soon! I'm going to wait until I lose more weight first, though.

Waist- 34.5" (.5" loss)
Hip- 40.5" (.5" loss)
Rt. Thigh- 20.5" (1.5" loss)
Lft. Thigh- 20.5" (2" loss)
Rt. Calf- 14.75" (1" loss)
Lft. Calf- 15" (.75" loss)
Rt. Bicep- 11.75" (.75" loss)
Lft. Bicep- 12" (no change)
Neck- 13.75" (.25" loss)
Butt- 42.75" (.25" loss)
Chest- 39" (3" loss)

Subtotal: 10 1/2 inches!

Wow, so my biggest loss was in my breasts. In three weeks I've lost 10 1/2 inches. My jeans today were literally falling off of me. I could pull them down without unbuttoning them.

I still have a long way to go but this really motivates me!

Last weigh-in was 184.5 lbs. I'm hoping that by Saturday I'm 179! I want to be in the 170's!!!


The Mommy said...

Time for a new bra??

Ris said...

Awesome!!! I bet you feel so good! So proud of you!