Monday, January 12, 2009

I really thought I was..!

Yesterday I drank 12 glasses of water. (!!!)

My skin looks amazing today. And it has give me sooooooo much energy! I really thought I was doing the healthy thing. I really thought I was on top of my game and wondered why I wasn't losing weight/inches. Every single day found me fatigued, worn out, unable to get the smallest TO DO list done.

But today I've been so energetic that I am astounded. I seriously cannot believe HOW GOOD I feel. And it's been a long time. Too long! (It's honestly because of the water, too, so if you feel sluggish, drink more water!)

A few weeks ago, someone (*pointed look at Daniel*) spilt orange drink in the fridge. I kept putting it off and putting it off because I was too tired to clean it. How pathetic that is to think about! But at least I'm not worrying about it anymore. Why? Because the first thing I did this morning, other than feed the kids breakfast and eat breakfast myself, was to scrub the kitchen and the fridge.

One of the motivators for me cleaning out the fridge (other than it was DISGUSTING) was a challenge I got. I've joined two social networks to help me lose weight. The first is SparkPeople and the second is a forum at MedHelp.

The challenge was to clean out your fridge of junk or "empty calories". Most of the time when you think you're hungry, you're actually thirsty. So always drink a glass of water *before* you eat.

Thankfully I really didn't have much to throw out because I usually keep the fridge stocked with the healthy stuff. I mainly threw out expired stuff, to be honest. So I'm very proud of that! My freezer is probably the culprit of junk. But I will clean that and probably not post about it.

Look out how much my fridge gleamed after cleaning her out! If you ever spill something sticky the TRICK is to heat up water in the microwave or stovetop and carefully pour it over the spill. It wiped up like magic.

So I put everything back in the fridge! Milk, water, Simply Orange OJ, natural applesauce, tupperware of fruit, Yoplait Light yogurt, carrots, celery, apples, eggs, and 100% apple juice (no added sugar), tortillas, leftover Prego sauce, cheese, lean deli meat... Bare, but at least it is healthy!

So I want to challenge you to clean out your fridge. Not because it might be dirty. What I mean is to clean it out of the junk (and expired stuff! LOL!) so that you can re-evaluate what you're family is eating.

The more processed foods you have, the worst off you are. I have a hard time eating fresh fruits and vegetables but if that is all we have, then that is all I eat! If you have cravings for something sweet, pudding cups and fudge bars are great to have in moderation!

I realize most of you are pregnant, but healthy eating for your child starts now. So I extend the challenge to all of you as well! I'd love to see fridge shots of before-and-afters so let me know if you do this! And let me remind you- one of the reasons I weigh 50 lbs more than I used to is because I ate absolute crap when I was pregnant with Elaina. I learned my lesson, for sure! I took pregnancy to be an excuse to be reckless and irresponsible with my body and here I am today, still fighting it almost 4 years later.


I want to talk about SparkPeople for a minute. All of these weight loss websites charge you money to use their websites and trackers. SparkPeople is completely free and very well setup!

You can track
-your water intake
-all the foods you eat (it will add up calories/fat/carbs for you with what YOU need for you age/weight/height)
-your exercise (will tell you how many calories you burned for each activity)
-they have exercise workouts for you to do, with details on how to properly do a move
-communities (like I'm in one for women TTC and for Christians)
-RECIPES with ratings from other members and the nutrition info. and you can keep your own "recipe box" on there. When you save a recipe, it will go to your recipe box!!! How cool is that?!

It's really cool. Strange to navigate but once you get the hang of it it's amazing. IF YOU JOIN- please use JoyRenee as your referral and look me up on there. That's my username. You can join while you're pregnant, too, I think.

By using the food tracker I realized something important. I wasn't getting ENOUGH calories! When you do not get enough calories your body goes into survival mode and you end up storing fat, not burning it.

So not only have I started drinking more water, I've started eating more (and healthy). So I definitely have a ton of energy. I'm not tired by lunchtime anymore and I can do my workouts and then some! My house is once again spotless. For a while there it was getting a little out-of-control because I was too tired to do more than a few things a day.

My MIL is giving me her stationary bike, too, which I'm so excited about! Especially on those days I just can't get outside to walk. I have no clue where to put it, though.

And finally--- AF still has not shown. And I'm okay with that at this point. All of the exercise and the lifestyle changing could have definitely affected that. At this point I'm actually fine with not getting pregnant. I cannot revolve my life around that one goal or focus anymore. It's just too disheartening and stressful.

Instead I'm just living and loving life right now. I feel SO good right now that it is insane. I've never felt like this before... because I've never lived like this before. And once I start getting better sleep it's only going to get better. I can't imagine feeling better than I feel right now.

So recap:

1). I challenge you to clean out your fridge of junk and stock it will healthy stuff!
2). Join, even if you are pregnant.
3). No AF (annoying but somewhat understandable)
4). Don't mind if we conceive or not because right now I'm so blessed and happy with where I'm at in life! If it happens, it happens! If not, I'm losing weight and feeling great! Oh my, that should be my motto.

I really thought I was already eating healthy. I really thought I drank enough water. And I really thought I should've lost a ton of weight these past months. Now I realize that I was wrong and I'm ready to change!


Mel said...

I love cleaning out my fridge and do it on a quarterly basis (yes, I'm a freak). My husband would honestly die if he left spilt anything in the fridge (I'd kill him myself), you are so sweet to clean that up for Daniel!
I refuse to keep junk food in the house (well, when I'm not pregnant) and find I will eat so much better when all meals are planned in advance and I have little things like pudding or popsicles around to snack on! I also love chocolate skim milk, great treat.
Good job for you for doing so great, keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

That's so cool, Sis! I always wondered if you were getting enough calories cause I never see you eat much. What a relief to know that water can make that much of a difference. I lost all the baby weight, but I am having a hard time losing my own fat. I don't drink enough water--AT ALL. My goal tomorrow is to drink atleast 64 oz of water! I am so sluggish and lazy, and have been for a while. I can't wait to see if I drink enough water will I notice a difference.

And kudos on the fridge! It looks great! So sparkly and organized. One thing I do not like is scrubbing out a fridge. Would you believe that I never scrubbed out this fridge when we moved into this house?? I know--so disgusting! I should take you up on the challenge!

AF must be on vacation somewhere sunny. Maybe she'll bring you a lovely magnet for your newly shined fridge.

The Mommy said...

I could seriously stand to cleann out my fridge!
I NEVER buy junk fod because I immediately consume ALL of it. Mike on the other hand, buys it EVERY SINGLE TIME he goes to the store...and then I eat it. I MUST diet after I have this baby!!

Amber said...

I just joined Spark People last week. I've not done too much with it, but it looks pretty cool. Josh got me a spin bike for Christmas. Even though I've not done great on the eating plan, I lost 5 pounds last week, just by riding that bike 3 times!

And thanks for the water tip... I have been feeling rotten for the past few weeks. I went to the endocrinologist last week for blood work b/c I was a little concerned. I'm still awaiting results, but in the mean time, I will try drinking more water. :) Thanks!

Ris said...

I am so glad you are feeling so good! I feel a lot better when I drink more water too. I drink coffee (1/2 caff or decaf) to help fill up the ol' belly too, which feels like a treat. It's kind of fun tracking your food, I think! Makes it so much easier for me to know when to stop. :-)

Amber said...

You're invited to a "Remarkable Women of the Bible" study at Striving for 31! I wanted to personally invite you because I'd love your input. :)