Friday, January 16, 2009

I feel so silly!

In December I struck up a trade arrangement on Etsy. As you all know I am a seller on there. Every now and then I love doing a trade in which another seller and I trade for items of equal value. I was approached by someone with a baby shop and eagerly decided to trade with them.

Now I originally had this set in mind for someone else. But a lot of people are keeping their baby names secret so I had no clue who to get the set for because you need a baby name for it. I had already sent off the items they had traded for so she was waiting on my decision for the set. So I decided to just give it to myself since I know what I want. And now I feel just plain silly after opening the box (it arrived tonight).

Isn't it darling? Three very nice burp cloths, three very nice bibs, and a beautiful blue blanket all monogrammed with the name Caiden. It all came in a pretty little basket that they're all placed in.

I'm not obsessive. I just had a deadline and needed to give her a name so we could complete our trade. Nonetheless, after opening the box, I feel like that happy little monogrammed baby face is mocking me. So this beautiful little set will be carefully boxed back up and wait in a closet for the day it can burp, swaddle, and feed a little boy.

I caught Daniel carefully touching the stitches of the name before squaring his shoulders and walking out of our room. I don't know if he just wanted to touch it or if he felt the same as me. We're stowing away things for a baby we don't even have.

But, if we ever do have a boy he'll know how very much loved he was before he was even conceived. That we loved him while he was still just a dream in our hearts. Or as the saying goes, "... a twinkle in his daddy's eye!"

If you are pregnant and interested in getting one of these gorgeous sets or you need a baby shower gift idea you can visit the artist's shop HERE. I noticed she didn't have this exact gift set up so you can contact her about it and I know she'll love to get a set made for you!


Photogrl said...

The set is beautiful.

I felt the same way when the big sister t-shirt arrived in the mail for my daughter the day after my D&C. That was almost 3 years ago, and it still stings to think about.

It wasn't silly, just wanted.

Big, huge, ((HUGS)) to you.

Andrea said...

It's not silly! I think it's great! It's you having hope that someday you will have the little boy you've been praying for. And then you will smile so big to think about how much you loved him even before you conceived him.

But I felt the same way when Matt and I bought that little ninja outfit for our future child...silly. The only reason I went through with it was because we were buying clothes for our nephew at the same time. I hid the few baby items we had away in a box so that no one would see them. But I wish I hadn't felt that way. Because my situation was the same as yours, I hoped and prayed. I think God blessed me for my hope and trust in him and I pray he will bless you as well!

Anonymous said...

That's beautiful and looks so soft! Don't know why you feel silly though---it's nice to have for "someday".

Mel said...

Awww... I will pray that you will get to use this set someday soon. ;) God knows, sure wish he'd let us in on his plans from time to time!

The Mommy said...

YOu made me cry! Caiden will be so vey loved someday...soon.


Amber said...

Joy, could I add you to the blog roll on my new blog "Your Guide to Getting Pregnant" ("? I just started the blog because I feel like with all I went through, I'd like to provide information and encouragement to other women who are TTC. If it's okay to add the link, email me and let me know. Thanks a lot!

Amber said...

I added you to the blogroll. Thanks a bunch!