Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Falling off!

So... I'm in this weird weight-loss limbo. Nothing fits me correctly. My jeans were literally falling off of me all day long. The crotch of the jeans would slide halfway down to my thighs. If I pull the jeans away from my belly there's a good 3 inches of space. I could even slide them off without unbuttoning them or unzipping them.

BUT trying to put on pants one size down? Forget about it! I just have two words to describe it: muffin top. YUCK! It's not major muffin top but it's enough that I'd rather be baggy at this point. Besides, I'm home all day anyway, so who cares?!

TANGENT: I now wear size LARGE pajama bottoms, whereas when I was a skinny thing I wore mediums (in junior). I was wearing XL. The pajama bottoms Daniel got me for Christmas were a little snug at Christmas and now they fit PERFECT.

Maybe it is just the pairs of jeans that I have. Part of me doesn't want to go spend $20 or more to get some jeans anyway since my goal isn't to wear size 12 jeans. I have a TON of size 10 jeans from after Butterfly was born. But that is it. I have size 16's and size 10's. But alas, it looks like I may need to go buy some "transition" jeans.

The upside to all of this, other than losing weight (DUH), is that I get to thrift a ton of pants that no longer fit! Wahhhhooooo! Last night I started putting together tops and pants that are getting baggy for the thrift store and I felt so liberated!

I don't think my major problem is my waist. I think my major problems are my ghetto rear-end and my chest (I'm short, I need my girls to be smaller!). My ideal waist size should be around 31-32 inches so not much longer to reach that goal.

To figure out your ideal waist size- add up your height in inches. I'm 5'3" so my height in inches is 63. Divide that in half and that should be your target waist size.

So I'm just talking in crazy circles and I'm sure half of this doesn't even make sense. The main point is that pants don't fit me and I need workouts for my bum and chest (other than walking- I don't have a treadmill and it is way too cold for me to walk with the babies).

Can anyone help me? Any workouts to tone down chest and bum?

Here's my lunch from today (just for you, Andrea! You said my posts make you hungry, LOL!):

Does anyone else think cottage cheese is disgusting? I eat it anyway, since it is good for me. But it always taste funky to me, even with pepper!

I've got my protein, little bit of fruit (raisins), vegetable (celery) and dairy. Yum, yum! It was actually very filling.

P.S. Did anyone watch LOST tonight? *GASP*SPUTTER*GASP* Too many twists and turns, answers and questions.


Staci said...

Good for you on the weight loss! Keep up the good work!

The Mommy said...

I CANNOT stand the transiton phase! I actually think that clothes that are too baggy almost look worse than clothes that are too small. I think they make you look bigger, too...which is why my maternity tops are a little bump-hugging.
And I think cottage cheese is horrible! Congrats on the weight loss.
LOST is so confusing!

Ris said...

I like cottage cheese! Plain or on a rice cake. Yum! Makes my husband sick that I like it. So happy for you that you have lost so much! Maybe get the bare minimum transition clothes and mostly wear sweats/pjs around the house until you're back in a 10. Drawstring pants are your friend! The waist target thing seems inaccurate to me. That calc doesn't work for me but I am taller so maybe that's why. Cannot wait to keep hearing your progress, you go girl! So exciting!

I messaged you on fb regarding Lost.

Mel said...

Good for you for the weight loss, keep it up! Everyone's body is so different, it is very difficult to create a "one size fits all" standard of acceptable measurements. You just have to work out until you feel "just right" and HAPPY with yourself! I try not to focus too much on weight or inches myself, it can be so defeating some days.
I love stretchy and drawstring waisted pants when I am in transition. I wouldn't buy new jeans, either, until you feel like you are at your target. Would def be a waste of money unless you found some for cheap somewhere!
I absolutely LOVE cottage cheese! Always have, it's especially good with fresh sliced tomatoes and lots of salt and pepper!!!! ;)

Tasha Via said...

Joy, as for workouts on the booty and thighs, google Winsor Pilates Buns and Thighs workouts. There is a 20 min. video you can get for pretty cheap and it is guaranteed to make you burn, I promise=) It will take more inches off and tone those specific areas. If you have any other questions let me know. I LOVE pilates!

As for your lunch, way to go. You are doing SO good.

As for LOST, way too much going on. I'm glad to finally be getting some answers though!=)

Photogrl said...

Yay for jeans being baggy!

I, too, hate that in between stage...and I know what you mean about muffin top ;)

Great job!

Andrea said...

I'm 5'3" too! I don't know what my waist is now though. Probably around 30-31 though. I don't have a measuring tape to see.

Eww, I think cottage cheese is nasty too, so this time your lunch didn't make me hungry ;-) lol Just as well since I have a ways to go before dinner and there's no use spending the next few hours drooling over your food!! Darn, now I'm thinking about that beautiful sandwich you made last week. So scratch that, I'm definitely drooling now!

Cookie Crums said...

I am in the exact same predicament!! My 12's are getting a little too loose and 10's not quite there yet.

I got the best comment this morning though. As i was dressing, the hubby stepped into my closet and put his arms around me and said "Lookin good babe! Skinny skinny." I LOVED IT!!

Keep up the good work!!

Jess said...

Andrea told me about your blog because I too am trying to lose weight and have a baby (well, I am are past that stage)! I can relate to this post 100%! My pants look like shit on me because they don't fit and I am constantly pulling them up and the crotch is the same as you described but I can't wear one size smaller in pants because of the muffin top, lol! My dr. wants me to get down to 180 and I have 60 pounds to go. I have already lost 45!