Monday, January 5, 2009

Blankety Blank

It's going on 7 weeks since the m/c and still no AF. I swear there were moments it was going to start. Instead there was a little bit of EWCM (<----- handy dandy key on left sidebar). I'll give myself a few more days but then I think I might test again just to be sure.

This past weekend I didn't really workout. We had so much going on that I never had enough time to workout and shower. So I made up a TO DO list last night, ready to tackle the house. Except when I woke up this morning I was feeling really ill, flu-like. I'm fine now and got a few things crossed off the TO DO list.

My TO DO? I love looking at people's lists so here's mine:
  • Go through medical bills, make payments, balance book
  • Make grocery list (add 9V and AA batteries)
  • Dishes
  • Finish uploading items to new Etsy shop
  • Get orders made and shipped/create new jewelry
  • Sort kid toys and cat toys
  • Get thrift bag(s) together
  • Workout & shower
  • Sort through movies
  • Clean out junk drawers
  • Measure fabric for Lindee
  • Go through old magazines
  • Straighten up 3rd Story
  • Vacuum and mop
  • Make spaghetti for dinner
  • Laundry

I guess I should add "Go to store and buy another test" to the list. Not obsessing but definitely wanting to make sure because I'd need to take the progesterone as a precaution. Will keep y'all posted if and when I decide to test.

On a positive note, look at the new feature in the left-hand sidebar. I started a list of measurements. In almost a month I've lost ONE INCH off my waist! And 1 1/2 INCHES off my butt! That doesn't seem like much but remember, this was over the holidays and I just started, not to mention the scale is not budging. I'm *toning* which is awesome in my book! TWO-AND-A-HALF inches gone!

I also added more detailed measurements so I could know a total inches lost. If anyone else has a list like this, I'd love to see it!


Lisa said...

Lists are great! I always feel some sense of accomplishment, even when nothing is crossed off yet! I guess it's the fact that I'm feeling somewhat motivated! I used to make lists of lists....that got a bit out of hand, and seemed like a form of procrastination, so I stopped! I'm sad about something...I wore my VP Mommy necklace to the Ronald McDonald House the weekend after Christmas, and somewhere, sometime, it fell off of me, and is forever gone. :( I looked everywhere for it, in the car, called the RMH, searched the suitcase. It's gone. So when I have some extra cash again, I'll be ordering a new one! I loved it, it brought such a sense of peace when I wore it.
Awesome job with the inches lost! Cool! Toning is one of those things on my list!!

Andrea said...

Good job with toning up!! That's great, especially over Christmas!

My first AF after my m/c came exactly 4 weeks later. But then the next cycle it was 5 and a half weeks. After that the alternated between those lengths. I never went as long as 7 weeks, but I know that isn't unusual for some women. I'd test in a few days if I were you too, just in case. It's hard seeing a BFN, but I also think the responsible thing to do is test so that you can take action if it is positive. I'm praying for you *HUG*

Ris said...

I sent you a long reply on this this morning but it didn't go and I lost it. Anyway, so excited about your inch! That is HUGE! I am really happy for you! Great job, Joy. I have a long and boring to do list, and got some of it done. Hope you're feeling better!

Sunshine. said...

Yeah! You go girl, cross things off that list!
I have a ton of things to do before we move next week! I need to make a list too!
Great job with the inch! Keep it up!

Photogrl said...

Thank you for your kind comments on my blog...

Way to go on losing the inches! Woo-hoo!

After everyone of my losses, AF showed her face at a different time...but usually between 6 to 8 weeks.