Monday, January 19, 2009

The best ever!

I'm currently eating lunch and I am eating one of the best sandwiches I've had in a long time! Turkey, white American cheese, tomato and avocado (*no mayo or mustard or anything like that) on a bakery bun. And yes, I had taken a bite before I snapped the picture! Mmm, I love avocados! And yeah, there is turkey on there, it just got shoved under all the veggies (tomato=fruit?)!

I haven't worked out yet today. After the weekend it is hard to get back in the saddle! On Saturday I rode the stationary bike because I knew we were going out to dinner. Ha ha! Wanted to burn some calories, ya know?

We ended up going to M.imi's C.afe and I have to admit I might not go there again except for their F.rench O.nion S.oup. It just wasn't very good and I don't know if it is because it has been awhile since we ate out or if their food truly is not that great. I just know that I've tried many dishes there and I haven't liked any of it. Just the soup!

Anyway, I only ate half of my burger. When we left I felt like a bloated blimp. UGH! I don't think I WANT to eat out again anytime soon. I felt like everything- my butt, thighs, stomach- swelled up. I felt greasy and gross, too. And it made me feel incredibly tired, like the burger sucked up my energy. I just know I went home and felt uncomfortable, gross, and swollen.

I looked up the nutrition information on the burger since I am charting my food right now and there were 1478 calories in the burger alone (not counting fries). There were 105 grams of FAT!

According to my sparkpeople nutrition chart, based on my weight, height, and amount of weight to lose--- I'm supposed to get 1,200-1,550 calories A DAY and less than 52 grams of fat. WOW! It's a huge eye-opener when you chart your food. I've been doing good with getting about 1,200-1,300 calories a day so far.

We had a wonderful date. I have a hard time on dates because I feel there's all this pressure to make conversation (which I'm not good at). And because Daniel is my husband he already knows what I'm up to and vice versa. We try to stay off the subject of religion, politics, money, and our kids (aka all the stress-inducing topics) when on a date.

So I just relaxed and let things flow. We ended up just being big flirts and joking around. I kept teasing him about Mardi Gras (M.imi's C.afe is decorated with Mardi Gras flair) because he's going on the annual missions trip this year and I want to go SO BADLY! But alas, we have children and Mardi Gras isn't necessarily family-friendly.

We also saw the movie "M.all C.op" and it was a riot! We laughed so incredibly hard during that movie. K.evin J.ames reminds me of Daniel so much it's almost scary. Or is it that Daniel reminds me of K.evin J.ames?

Thank you guys for your sweet comments about the previous post, with the baby items. The reason I felt silly was because I didn't want people to think I am so obsessive. The stuff is still sitting on my dresser, too. So much for packing it away! I'm slowly working my way upstairs, cleaning-wise.

Anyway, that is what is up with me! I'm 4-lbs lighter (well, maybe not after my disgusting burger) and feeling good today! I'm going to work on getting my workout in. I used to worry about having a set time to get it done in, but the reality is that life gets in the way sometimes and it doesn't matter WHEN... what matters is that it DOES happen.


Ris said...

That sandwich looks so good! I'm glad you and Daniel had such a great date! So important to get to do those sometimes.

Burgers were a big shocker to me too!

The Mommy said...

WOW! The nutrition info on that burger is amazing. It makes me feel disgusting when we eat out too.

Andrea said...

I WANT that sandwich!!!! Good thing I don't live there, I'd drop in for a surprise lunch visit. I was going to workout today, but didn't feel up to it. So I feel guilty. I'm also trying to watch what I eat because I'm hungry all the time. I seriously could eat non-stop (plus, eating makes me feel less nauseous). So I need to be careful not to over eat. I think charting food is a good idea!

I know what you mean about dates. Matt and I usually have a lot to talk about, but sometimes we just sit and eat. Once when we were in NYC a lady said, "You two are acting like a married couple! Just sitting there eating and ignoring each other." I was really tired and cranky from our trip there and I said, "We ARE a married couple." She spluttered and looked really embarrassed...I guess she thought we looked too young to be married ;-)

Anonymous said...

Your sandwich looks yummy, minus the avocado! My eyes popped out of my head though when I read the nutrition content of the burger. That's horrible!