Friday, December 12, 2008

Oh my!

I cannot believe I haven't given any updates recently. I have so many things to relate. Since I can get pretty long-winded I will TRY to condense it.

1). As you know my former doctor took me back on as a patient! Well they need my medical records, right? Right..?! So I call medical records lady and tell her I'd like to come pick up my records. She tells me, "Sure! No problem. I'm just down the hall from your Dr. B so we'll walk over there and have her sign the release." ---remember, this is the one I'm leaving

Um... what? I have to confront and face this doctor? I have major issues with confrontation. I either keep my mouth shut to keep from saying something I'd regret, so I just word-vomit all over the person. I mean, rip them a new one! All these scenerios of me screaming in the office came up and I told her to just MAIL the release forms. *chuckle* I don't care if it takes longer.

2). Monday was the day I called my NEW-OLD doctor's office. The nurse called me back when I was running errands. Tuesday I forgot to call her back. Come Wednesday, guess who calls me? The nurse! I could just roll on the floor, giggling. Why? Because someone actually gave me a call back without me leaving a message or because I had to call them first. Amazing! Customer friggin' service.

3). Made appointment for... TODAY (Friday)! Went in and walked into the familiar waiting room. Saw a couple of pregnant ladies and didn't really affect me. Their babies are theirs. It doesn't make me any more or less sad for my own loss. I could feel them all sizing me up, probably wondering if I was there for a prenatal appointment as my kids kept running around, yelling and being the noisiest little people in the waiting room.

Went back, got weighed (soooo not cool when you have someone jot it down--- so much easier when doing at home, alone). And then I realized... horror of horrors... I did not shave. In fact, I couldn't shave because I kept forgetting to buy blade refills. Mortifying. I know it's their business and they probably see much worse but I was so incredibly embarassed.

*ahem* Back to what really matters. So it was an appointment to make sure the miscarriage was completed. We just sat and talked for 10-15 minutes. I told him everything and he listened. He asked questions. It was an actual conversation. He gave me so much information and knowledge and feedback.

He told me that low-dose birth control would actually benefit women with high testosterone because they have something-something hemoglobulins that bind the free testosterone which cause the ovulation and hair problems. I declined, though, as I'm adverse to birth control. He said it was my choice and that was fine.

-He then told me that he always gives his patients Femara over Clomid.
-He also told me to wait 3 cycles to try again (no problemo, Doc! Trying to lose the 50 lbs from Butterfly and those-brownies-while-pregnant-with-her).
-He mentioned that when we were ready to try again that I could let the nurse know what CD (cycle day) I was on and on the 21st day we could check progesterone to see if I need the Femara. When you ovulate your progesterone spikes.

I mentioned progesterone supplements. I told him that I understood that sometimes it just doesn't matter if you have progesterone supplements if you have a genetic anomoly with the embryo but if he would mind if I continued the progesterone pills should I get pregnant again. He was totally fine with that! He also went into a long spiel about progesterone and miscarriages, most of which I already knew. But I like how he broke it down and explained it to me in his doctor terms (he definitely doesn't use layman's terms) as though he knew I was smart enough to "get it".

This condensed version is starting to turn into a novel.

Anyway, he pushed around on my stomach, feeling for my organs. Then he did the pelvic exam (again, SO SORRY for the unshaved legs!). Told me my uterus was normal sized and everything looked great.

It feels so good to be back, Dr. S!

4). Sent letter to Dr. B today. It was one of those things where I had to push it to the back of my mind and pretend like it was just any ol' letter I was mailing out. Worked like a charm. That's how I'm able to get piercings. Just DO IT without thinking about it.

5). Started spotting yesterday after I started the more intense LEVEL 2 of my Jillian workout. Oops. Guess it was too soon to start that one up! Back to LEVEL 1 I go. Yesterday was also the 3-week anniversary of miscarrying. I didn't realize. It feels like I miscarried months ago, not weeks ago.

6). I'm in size 14 jeans now. I keep forgetting to write measurements down though, so let's do it right now! I keep my tape measurer here at the desk so I can measure chains and jewelry items as I list them online. Let's just measure moi! I'll update as I feel I'm slimming down more.

Waist- 36 inches
Thigh- 22 inches
Bicep- 12 1/4 (though mine are muscular, not fatty)
Neck- 14 inches (weird, I know, but it is thicker than it used to be)
Butt- 44 1/2 inches (all the way around my body)
Chest/Breasts- 42 inches

Hope this post finds all of you guys well and I will check you later! Now don't go measuring yourselves to compare to me, ya hear?! Totally kidding, go for it!


Andrea said...

lol about your unshaved legs. You sound just like me! The most embarrassing time for me was getting my first massage and when the therapist started rubbing my legs...I realized I hadn't shaved all week! I mean, Matt was out of town, why should I shave? ;-) I know you felt embarrassed, but if you and I do this, I'm sure hundreds of other women your doctor has seen forgot to shave too.

That is GREAT about your appointment and new/old doctor! I'm so happy that you have found that.

Anonymous said...

I took my measurements a month or so ago. Yikes!

I so hear you about the hairy legs. That has happened to me too. I'm so glad though you feel good about being back at your old doctor. How strange they make you face the doctor you want to leave to get your records from them! They don't do that here! Every doctor I've been to deals office-to-office with that. You live in a strange place, Sissy Poo. I think you need to move home. ("Please God, please!")
My doctor is totally awesome. He's so awesome I can't get in to see him for another 2 1/2 months. No really, he IS awesome. Wish I would've had him with Hannah and Emmy.