Thursday, November 13, 2008

Still Around

I'm still here! I got many emails and I can't respond to all of them because I don't want to sit here for too long so no hard feelings if I don't respond! We don't have a laptop and Daniel wants me to update and get off! He's being really strict (AND SWEET) with me. Nothing could make me love a man more than one who makes me lay down, brings me whatever I want, takes care of the children and CLEANS. Oh yes, I told him he was going to get lucky one of these days and I was adding up all the points.

*ahem* Anyway, last night I did spot a little tiny itty bitty bit. I never had a drop of blood when pregnant when my girls so this is all very scary but I'm relieved that it is STOPPED.

I can't wrap my mind around the fact that I'm pregnant anymore, even though I've donned maternity jeans already. I'm being so fatalistic and I must stop. Unfortunately some of the side effects with the pills are irritability and worry (I may have mentioned that already). So I keep telling myself, "Perfect love casts out all fear".

There is also a verse in the Bible that says, "None shall lose her young by miscarriage or be barren in your land." -Exodus 23:26 (Amplified) So I am clinging to this verse and repeating it over and over.

Last night I bawled myself to sleep. All the worrying and wondering and waiting caught up to me and I just sobbed and kept pleading and begging God to not take this one away, too. The anniversary of my mom's death is this Saturday, too, so I just feel all this darkness and heaviness this week already.

But I'm going to look on the brighter side! I'm not giving up. I may only be 6 weeks but God knows this child and has a perfect plan for them!

So I have to brag on Daniel some more. This man has been SuperMom all day long. He stayed home, he made me lay down alllllllll day long (except for when his mom came to take me to the lab), he brought me water and food, he gets ANGRY if I lift anything!

At one point Bumble Bee is crying and my natural reaction is to pick her up. Daniel is so very protective of his unborn baby and tells me that he'll handle it because he doesn't want anything to happen. He also cleaned the kitchen and did all the dishes (they piled up for the past couple of days since I was off-duty), he made dinner, he gave the girls a bath and brushed their hair and put them to bed. He played with the girls, and he stayed off his videogames until they were napping/sleeping.

He's been a trooper and deserves some TLC! So Daniel AND his mom have put me on bedrest. My MIL asked me if the doctor mentioned laying down with my feet and hips elevated and when I told her, "No" she pursed her lips and had "that look" on her face that showed her displeasure (you know what I'm talking about, Anne!).

So we're praying that my HCG levels are up to 14,000 and progesterone is rising! Will have results tomorrow! I'll be out of town Sat. and Sun. but I want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart. Please don't stop praying!


Monkey's Momma said...

You will be just fine! Have fun on your trip! Still sending prayers your way!

Vixbil said...

My dear friend I have just read up on your last couple of posts. I will be praying for you and hope you have an amazing weekend and get to have a bit of relaxation

Hi, I'm Amber. said...

Praying for you and your sweet one. I've felt such a connection with your blog for awhile now... similar situations on so many things. When I read your last couple of posts, I could hardly breathe. I starting bleeding early with my son and continued bleeding off and on for the WHOLE pregnancy. They did ultrasound after ultrasound, but he looked fine. As long as I stayed off my feet, I would stopt he bleeding, but as soon as I stood up, it started again. I know you're so sick with worry and I'm praying that God will let your Pumpkin grow and thrive, but also that He will give you total, complete peace.

Mel said...

Daniel is awesome, I am so glad you have such an amazing husband in such an uncertain time for your life! He is right, you do need to just stay off your feet and keep yourself relaxed. My RE was quick to assure me that the bleeding wasn't nearly so stressful if it wasn't accompanied by cramping. Take peace in another day and continue to have faith God is working exactly as he has planned for you.

Anonymous said...

I bled with all three of my girls. It is normal. Some women do it, some don't. I also cramped terribly, like a period. I am sure you and Baby are just fine. Ya'll don't need to give Satan the pleasure of having a fatalistic mentality. I love the verse from Exodus---definitely hold on to that, repeat it, and maybe put it on your fridge, mirrors, sun visor in the van, etc. Do you feel like I'm being Mom, here?

Daniel is certainly being wonderful to you right now! I am so glad he is being so helpful. I wish I could be there to help. Definitely rest and try not to stress, but unless you start gushing blood, I don't see why you can't wash dishes, fold laundry, go for a walk, etc.


Anne Elizabeth said...

I am so proud of Daniel!!!! I know its hard but it will just be a few more days of resting for you:) I will keep praying!