Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Results Tomorrow!

Well they took my blood and we'll have the progesterone and HCG information tomorrow afternoon. I'm sure all is well. The more symptoms I get the more confident I feel.

I'm going to be making this blog public in the coming weeks because I only had it private for announcing my pregnancy! Once everyone knows I'm going to go public! I love following pregnancy blogs so I'm hoping that going public will mean finding other preggies and adding to my blogroll (like I don't have enough to do as it is).

I feel sick to my stomach, and not because I'm pregnant. The forums I frequent are all talking about politics and all this nasty stuff that I don't want to get into. So many people are sad that homosexual unions weren't passed in California. While I do have gay friends whom I love as people, I do not agree with the lifestyle they lead. Our lifestyles don't define us, our hearts do. They're good people at heart, but I cannot stand by and let the holy union of marriage be defiled for what is unnatural, unhealthy, and honestly not safe. You can believe as you will but that is my express opinion.

So on a brighter note............ ummmmm.... see? Now I can't think of anything. I'm so upset about peoples' attitudes that my face and ears are flaming.

I was going to take a belly shot but I can't get a good one. They all come out with half my chest or half a belly. I'll have to have Daniel take one. I look more like 3-4 months and not 5 weeks. This happened when pregnant with Bumble Bee. Everything firmed up and rounded itself out pretty quickly so no worries there! Maternity jeans help in that department too.

I have started getting waves of an ill feeling. Not a feeling of wanting to puke, but of a general ickiness. When you just don't feel good but can't pinpoint the problem. Lasts a few seconds to a few minutes than vanishes.

I keep catching myself saying "he" and "him" when talking/thinking about Pumpkin.

Oh, and did I mention I told Bumble Bee! It was so funny. I kept telling her to come over to me. She thinks it's a game and will run away laughing. Finally I got her in front of me and I pointed to my tummy. I simply said, "Baby." She laughed and stared at me like I was a martian.

I said it again, "Baby. Inside tummy!" So she comes over and tentatively points saying, "Baby..?" Then she gives me a good smack in the stomach and yells, "Baby" before bursting into laughter and running off.

Yup, she's going to be an awesome big sister!


Mel said...

That's really cute about Abigail! What on earth are you going to do if you wind up with THREE girls?!?! Have you guys settled on a name if it's a girl?
Are you going to make it Thanksgiving to tell everyone or do you think you are just about to explode? I know I didn't wait nearly as long as I thought I would. Hell, I cannot believe I have kept the name top secret since we decided on it. I almost say it all of the time, too! It's hard keeping secrets!

Ris said...

LOL About Abby! I am sure she'll be whacking at the baby in person soon enough. (the big sibling over here tries that anyway...)