Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Progesterone Dropped

The results are in from yesterday's blood draw. My HCG is beautiful at 6935, which is close to quadruple and just perfect for where I'm at. But my progesterone dropped from 16.4 to 13.6.

My regular nurse is back from vacation. The previous nurse I had been dealing with told me if it went under 15 to supplement. My regular nurse is telling me that it looks fine and if it dips again, THEN we'll supplement.

All of this has me in a ball of electric nerves. After thinking about it I've decided to call her tomorrow and just request the supplements because I'd rather be safe than sorry! It's just getting too close to 10 (which is BAD and will cause you to miscarry).

I know that progesterone can fluctuate throughout the day and maybe we caught it at a low, but I still want to be safe and just do the supplements. I didn't get this far only to have everything taken away.

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Anne Elizabeth said...

First off its GREAT that your HCG levels are where they are supposed to be. It is so frustrating to get two different sets of information. Hopefully your regular nurse will go ahead with the supplements. When are they testing you again?