Monday, November 10, 2008

Kiss and Make Up

Well, well, well... I left a lovely voicemail for the nurse. And we got into a bit of a heated argument when she called me back. She said that she faxed my paperwork and had the confirmation page. Oh.

Well now I'm ticked off at the LAB for losing my papers. *SIGH* I apologized and she apologized and we just made up. I asked if she still wanted me to get my blood drawn and she said YES but instead of sending me across town to the incompetent lab, she told me to just come in to the doc's office and she'd do it herself.

Now I don't know why I didn't just get my blood drawn at the office before, but whatever. I'm beyond asking questions, just wanted to get it over with, and it was closer than the lab. I think that the lab is only open Tues and Thurs and that she isn't the actual lab person but drew my blood anyway, whether she got in trouble or not. Heck, doesn't matter to me so long as I get the results!

She also gave me "proof of pregnancy" letters in case I wanted to use them to apply for W.IC and M.edicaid. I'm going to go ahead and apply because every little bit helps and we're taxpayers so I don't feel the least bit guilty about asking for help. Not to mention I'm really worried about what will happen to medical care in the next year with our new leadership. That's a WHOLE other story, but I want to cover all the bases.

In my past pregnancies I always got coverage via M.edicaid because I also have a primary insurance of my own through B.lueC.ross so M.edicaid isn't responsible for ALL of the charges, only about 80%. They like that! I usually end up having to pay a little, too, but it beats paying thousands to deliver.

So that's where we are at now. Just waiting for the second set of beta and progesterone tests to come back. This time they should be close to quadruple (not double) since so many days have passed. We're looking for a HCG level of about 6956. And hopefully progesterone is closer to 20.

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