Tuesday, November 4, 2008

It pays to read...

... reviews! Not just the great stuff, but to check out why people give 1-3 stars instead of 4 or 5 stars. Most often times those one stars are due to shipping errors, or a damaged piece that WAS replaced. So never judge an item by its negative stars until you know why they're negative!

We had a close call today! My MIL came over and I had a baby bouncer I bought sitting in our foyer. She didn't see it so I excused myself "to go to the restroom" so I could hide the box. I need to return it because after reading reviews (yup, pays to read reviews BEFORE purchasing, too) and found a bouncer that j'adore.

It's a baby bouncer that sits higher off the ground and has a basket underneath it. It's under $50, too, and everyone gave it 4-5 stars! I want to get it for Pumpkin for Christmas.

And while it is still really early I've been "shopping" around for the best and most affordable infant seat since I got rid of my previous one. I won't buy it until spring, or if I see it go on sale, but it's nice to have things ready in case a grandparent asks what you need!

I'm debating between 2 cribs right now, too. One is $250 and the other is $130 or so. They're both beautiful but I want to make sure I get what I pay for (aka quality). Bumble Bee's crib was from a yard sale and is sooooo wobbly that I'm ready to toss it. It'd be great to get a crib now and let Bumble Bee use it until her birthday (she'll be getting a big girl bed for her birthday).

I may ask for that for Christmas instead of other junk that I won't ever use or need! Plus it'll help save some money, too. Bunk beds are not cheap, I'm finding! And the ones on craig.slist? Total crap, beat up, nasty.

I also have a swing picked out. I love the R.ainforest one and it plugs into the wall!!! Goodbye expensive batteries. The reason I need all this new stuff after two kids?!?! I never had new stuff with them to begin with. I always had used stuff that I gave away when I was done. I'm ready to have our own stuff that I can keep and use again or share amongst family.

I just told Daniel, over the phone, that I want the infant travel system or the crib for Christmas and he said, "A crib?!" really loud in front of everyone. Oy vey! I'm not good at this secret stuff. I can keep other peoples' secrets but not my own! Anywho, he didn't sound thrilled about it. But when I told him, "If you want the action worked on for your guitar for Christmas then it shouldn't be surprising that I want baby stuff!" I mean, who asks for their guitar to get worked on for a Christmas present?!?!?!?! So he's gotta understand that baby stuff IS the BEST thing to get for me.

Well the polls are about to close so I'm going to pop a movie in and eat some popcorn or something so I'm not watching anxiously to see who won! No matter who wins, God is still on the throne! He is still the one with the final say in any matter.

If you were voting for M.cCain today but O.bama wins, you still must pray for O.bama as a leader of this country. And vice versa. The Bible says to "Obey the laws of the land" (but remember, unless it contradicts Scripture) and to obey the authorative government above us. Even people in Biblical eras had to obey their self-righteous and pompous kings. God didn't forget them!


Andrea said...

I can't wait to hear about what you are buying! It will be great to buy some new stuff and since you are starting early you should be able to take advantage of sales. I bet you can find some good after Thanksgiving and after Christmas sales! You will have to put pictures and links up of the bouncer and any other stuff you buy so I can get some good advice on what to buy when my time comes :-)

Anne Elizabeth said...

This was the perfect surprise for me ESPECIALLY after hearing the election results! Congrats:) I had a feeling you were going to be when you mentioned that AF was due on your anniversary!

Joy said...

Andrea, totally will do! I did the math on everything I'd *LIKE* to get and will probably have to find them via consignment or something. I do want a brand new infant seat and crib though (don't need a mattress)! Everything else can be used.

Ris said...

girl I am so excited for you!

Make sure that swing reclines enough...I got a fisher price plug in for Lexi and she was sitting up so much that when she fell asleep her head kept bobbing around. The graco lovin hug swing is my fav because it reclines ALL the way back AND it has nature sounds/music and white noise. Just a recommendation! The one you like may recline enough! Lexi LOVES her rainforest mobile! It's so neat!

I can't wait to see what all you get! A crib would be the perfect Christmas gift, esp if E can use it now!

Mel said...

A new crib is exciting! After spending so long looking at baby stuff the past few weeks, my head is still swimming!
Can you email me and send me your address when you get a chance? I have a book I want to send you!

Anonymous said...

I already told you I have stuff you can have----it was all bought new for Maddie, so they aren't old.