Monday, November 3, 2008


Well I called my OBGYN this morning to set up my first appointment. December 10th is the day! Hopefully we'll get to hear a heartbeat. I'm going to be getting some blood tests done this week, too, to make sure my levels are good.

To be honest this kind of freaked me out. I am the one who asked about it when I called earlier and had to leave a voicemail with the nurse (the schedulers don't deal with this sort of thing) but when they called back there was almost this urgency underlying in her voice. I'm probably just being a hormonal ninny, though and reading into things.

I took another test today. Not because I was freaked out in that respect but because I had one left and I wanted to see the line appear again! It came back WAY darker and thicker which made me feel good. I labeled them. I think we're the only culture that holds onto peed-on-sticks.

So to add to my paranoia--- I think my MIL suspects. She has this uncanny ability to "know things". On Sunday she kept looking at my stomach. Now I was sucking it in ALL the day long. I made the comment, "Ugh, my pants just keep falling down" to which my FIL said, "Losing weight?" I smiled. Just to throw them all off. Hopefully! We really want to surprise them. Correction- DANIEL really wants to surprise them. I'm beyond that now. I just want to scream it!

Quite honestly I don't know how long I can keep this up, though. It's not like I'm a skinny-Minnie or tall. I'm short and had a pouch left over from Bumble Bee (not fat, just a pouch). So sucking it in is getting harder and harder every day. I'm longing for the days of maternity pant panels that hug my belly.

I keep begging Daniel to let us just tell them. 24 more days until Thanksgiving. Can I keep it up? If I only see them once a week I can, right? We'll see. But I'm so bloated and feeling that things will be popping out very quickly here that we might have to plan something special beforehand.

Any ideas? Daniel thought about getting a pumpkin and putting a diaper on it! I love the "Big Sister" t-shirts but don't want to spend the money so close to Christmas.


Mel said...

Secrets are so much fun if you can keep them, though! They are!!!! You have to try and hold out, think of how proud of yourself you will be if you can do it. I know I pay myself on the back constantly for managing having made it so far without spilling the beans on our baby's name. ;)

That is a dark line! Keep praying, don't worry.

Ris said...

I'd spill. It's awful holding it in! Carters has big sister shirts, and they are not expensive! (Think it was a 7 dollar sale going on...) Just getting one for Abby would get the point across! LOL

Andrea said...

I don't think I could keep it a secret from my family for so long. However, I'm going to try next time around (I want to be able to show them a sonogram picture when we tell them). It wouldn't be at all hard to keep it a secret from my in-laws since I don't feel very close to them.

The pumpkin with a diaper idea is cute! And very original :-) I'm so excited to hear what you decide to do!

Anonymous said...

I still have all my pee sticks from the girls. What is it with us?!?!

I think you should try to keep it a secret! Maybe you could have Elaina be the one to tell everyone at Thanksgiving! Talk to her before you go over to D & L's, and tell her she gets to be the one to tell everyone the news. That's a special thing for a little girl who is going to be a big sister all over again.