Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Doctor woes

I just called the on-call doctor, which happens to be my doctor, because I'm reading up on P.rometrium and it says NOT safe or intended for use during pregnancy. I wanted to voice my concern.

Well my doctor, who is usually sweet and concerned, sounded annoyed and irritated with me. Yeah, it's not exactly an emergency but it's not that late either and I'm sick of speaking to the nurse and wanted to speak directly to my doctor. She just kept saying, "Unfortunately there's nothing we can do."

So I asked if an ultrasound would be ordered and she only said, "We'll see." UGH!!! What is everyone's problem lately? Am I just hormonal and blowing it all out of proportion?! Doctor did sound like she had been crying or sick or something on the phone, not her usual self. I want to give people the benefit of a doubt.

But now I'm embarassed to even go in and see her. I don't want to be one of "those" patients that calls and freaks out over everything. But as long as I'm paying the big bucks for care I better get it, right? Gosh, I'm just one lovely person lately, I know.

There was a huge, long pause on the phone and I just said, "I guess that's it" and she said, "Okay, see you later." We both hung up. I'm just so frustrated and helpless. Stupid crazy pills are making me crazier. And now I'm crying again.


Mel said...

Was your progesterone compounded or did they pull it off a shelf? Mine was always compounded for some reason.
I do recall something about my pills saying don't use in pregnancy, though. But my dr always told me to ignore it.
I would personally find another doctor, but I am so ridiculously protective of myself after all I've been through. Our doctors are supposed to do everything they can to give us the best care possible, not make us feel like we are "bothering" them in some way. You should feel completely comfortable calling about anything, that's what they are there for.
Still praying for ya'll.

Anne Elizabeth said...

I agree with Mel and would find another doctor too. You should be able to ask those questions. My doctor had me take some medicine when I was pregnant with Buddy and the packaging said the same thing as yours. She explained it to me without making me feel bad for worrying. And what did she mean by "Unfortunately there's nothing we can do."??
I hope that she does order an ultrasound.

Ris said...

it is your right as a patient to pester the crap out of them if you are concerned about anything. You need a dr who listens to you and respects that you are concerned and wants to help you as much as possible. When she became a dr, she signed up for worried patients calling her, and you shouldn't feel bad about that! She could just be having a bad day but my dr has never dismissed any concern I have had, no matter how annoying it may have sounded. (not that I think you are annoying, I would be the exact same way!!) just saying, if she's too busy or unconcerned, she may not be the right one.

Ris said...

and you know, mel's dr was all over her with meds, put her on bedrest and did sonos, so it is possible to do more than your dr is doing.

Tasha Via said...

Oh, Joy, I am so sorry you have to go through this. I am lifting you up in prayer right now! Please keep us up to date with little Caiden/Zoe!!!
You're doing GREAT, hang in there...

Andrea said...

I'm so sorry all of this is happening to you *HUG* I agree with the others...this is your body and your baby, of course you should be concerned! I hate it when doctors make me feel stupid and I never visit them again if they do. They should know that if they aren't treating patients with concern and respect they are going to lose them.

I sure hope everything went okay today! I'm praying for you and Caiden/Zoe.

Monkey's Momma said...

Joy, I kept looking at your regular blog, wondering why you hadn't posted when it occurred to me to check here (duh!).

I am so sorry that you are going through all of this. God is with you. We are all praying for you. Whatever happens is in God's hands. Remember that.