Sunday, November 16, 2008

Back from mini-vaca

It was so nice getting away from life for a night! While it was tough on the kiddos around bedtime (will explain on my other blog) it was so fun to stay in a hotel. It was a nice hotel, too!

I was nervous about leaving town because I didn't know what I'd do if something happened. I guess being at a church surrounded by love would be better than being home alone. This church is really awesome (Daniel was the guest worship leader, his dad the guest preacher). They are SO laid-back. I can't even begin to describe how cool their pastor is at this church. He's not into Christianese (speaking in a language that unbelievers don't understand--- "I'm born again and Spirit-filled. Jesus has raised me from the dead and set me on a firm rock!")

And this pastor just lets people BE who they are. There's no pressure, no fake smiles, no acting. Just real, hardcore Christians.

So anyway, no bleeding anymore. Had a bit of spotting the other day but only because I kept doing "too much". Daniel practically has to hog-tie me to lay down and not pick up my other precious children.

I must admit I have enjoyed not changing diapers or doing the dishes or vacuuming. But not at the expense of my sanity in wondering what is happening deep inside my womb.

I keep envisioning God's hands cupping my womb, keeping the little one safe. That's what helps me get through each day and night. It is all in His hands. I also envision Him blowing life-giving breath between His cupped hands, the little heart beating away.

I'm still praying for miracles. I really want to have this miraculous testimony, with a happy ending. All glory would go to Him because I have nothing to do with it except to consistently take the P.rometrium. That's my part!

Tomorrow (Monday) is the blood draw and results Tuesday.

You know, the last results I got, where my HCG plummeted, my actual doctor called and not the nurse (first time that happened and I was shocked to hear her voice). The doctor sounded like HERSELF, kind and concerned. I don't know what was up the other night but I'm glad I didn't blow up at her or switch doctors in anger. Everyone is entitled to grace.

Well I'm off to unpack our suitcase (don't worry, no lifting!) and to work on some jewelry. I cannot wait to post a POSITIVE update Tuesday. Keeping positive and optimistic!


Ris said...

Good! yeah, no lifting, and I know you want to so bad, but its worth it to not. It's short term! (Poor Dax was TICKED when I couldnt pick him up) I am s glad you sound so positive and awesome. Still praying for you and little one! I can picture him or her cupped in His hands too!

Mel said...

I am glad the bleeding has stopped and I am still praying for that little pumpkin. I pray for positive news and answered prayers for us all.

Katie said...


Thinking of you and waiting to hear what those beta numbers were.

Also, your Memorial Monday Post is up. Thank you so much for being my first entry, I hope it helps in some small way.

I am thinking of you.