Monday, October 20, 2008

We have an egg!

Or did... I guess posting this a few days ago would be more consistent. Anywho, ever since Bumble Bee was born I haven't had any EWCM (egg white cervical mucous--- oh yeah, this is a fun post! With lots of info I'm sure my older sister would rather not hear... LOL!).

But a few days ago, on the cycle I stopped trying and began focusing on exercise, on the cycle that I did NOT take Clomid, on the cycle that I finally felt like I didn't want another baby--- I had EWCM on my own. And a LOT of it. I was actually jumping up and down in the bathroom, pants around the ankles... go ahead and picture it and laugh at my expense! I'm a person who loves to laugh at themself!!!

Daniel and I were doing the normal, healthy thing and just BDing when we want. So needless to say we did around that special time of the month (nope, not AF... the other special time! O time!).

Our anniversary is October 30th. AF is due the 28th. Which means I can test before our anniversary and be able to tell him... That is, if God has finally decided to let this happen! Since I probably will forget to post, or you may not come in here everyday for an update before our anniversary, let's brainstorm some cool ways to break the news to Daniel! I've always wanted to tell him in a special way. Not just running out of the bathroom and flashing the test in his face!

Eek, trying to not get excited here. But I've always wanted to get pregnant around a special holiday to make it even more special to share. The one time I did get to share great news in a great way, I miscarried. Butterfly wore a "I'm a Big Sister- 2006" shirt that I hand painted to my inlaws' house. I think I actually threw that shirt away after the miscarriage.

My other two pregnancies- well with Butterfly we were young and unwed so telling family wasn't exactly easy to do. Not fun in any way. With Bumble Bee I was so terrified of miscarring again that I took Anne and Lindee (MIL) aside and told them to pray. Nothing really special by telling them with fear filling my eyes with tears.

So hoping that when we do get pregnant, whether it is now or in a few months, that it's around our anniversary, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years--- whatever!

But I am also hoping that my other SIL gets pregnant before me or with me. She's older [than me], has been battling some fertility and psychological issues and I don't want her to get another blow. Anne and I were pregnant together for all three of my pregnancies (two of Anne's, remember I lost one! My baby was due a week before Buddy was due but went to Heaven). And now her SIL is pregnant again and I don't want to be that person she resents if it happens again for me before her. It's a mess, I know. But I know what it feels like to get "the blow" when someone close becomes pregnant when you're trying so hard.

I digress... or I guess I wasn't digressing. I just want this SIL to get pregnant and I don't mind if she does at all before me. It's definitely NOT a contest! I will probably cry tears of JOY for them. I went as far (because of her conditions) as offering to be her surrogate. I did think long and hard about it. I know there would've been psychological testing involved, etc. I spoke to many people about it and they were supportive so I approached my SIL about it. But she wanted to try on her own first, obviously.

So please keep them in your prayers if you remember. This is Daniel's brother and his wife.


Monkey's Momma said...

A good friend of mine, a hospice nurse, was a surrogate TWICE for her niece and her husband. Kay was never able to have children of her own, then her husband died.

Her niece was born without a uterus, so her options were adoption and surrogacy. Kaye offered to carry a baby for her. She ended up doing it twice. The first was a boy. The second was a girl. Kaye was sick with both of them, and she also had 2 exchange students living with her during the pregnancies. She also worked throughout the pregnancies.

How very sweet to offer to be a surrogate for your SIL. It must be difficult to deal with all those family dynamics.

Hang in there!

Tasha Via said...

Joy that is AWESOME!!! Rejoicing with you. Even if this isn't the month, your cycle is beginning to show signs of normalcy=)

Mel said...

Great news about your body possibly kick starting itself. Funny how they do that, right?
I wanted some big, fabulous way to tell Husband, too, but after all we had been through, and how shocked and amazed I was by it finally happening, the running out of the bathroom pee test in hand blurting "Oh my God!" was what ultimately resulted. Oh well. Maybe next time.
Maybe you could make him breakfast in bed and somehow put the message in the food?
I don't know, I'm useless.

Andrea said...

How great that you got EWCM! It is such a great feeling to know that your body is working right. I really hope this is the month for you! Or at least that it will happen soon and without you having to keep taking Clomid and worrying about other problems.

I don't know how to tell Daniel...but it would be cool to do it on your anniversary! Maybe get a onesie that says "i love daddy" for his anniversary gift. Or have Elaina draw a picture of the family with a little baby added to show him. I always think of cute, fun ways to tell Matt, but never decide on anything for sure. Last time i told him right after I took the test, but it was still just perfect timing because it was such a surprise to him because we thought I was going to get AF that day. I thought about buying baby items and making a trail of them from the door to the + pregnancy test in our bedroom for him to follow when he gets home from work. You could do that too!

Ris said...

Maybe for an anniversary gift, give him a onesie (maybe a blue and a pink), or another baby trinket (elephant bookend, perhaps? LOL), wrap it and have him open it as his gift.

Exciting that your body is doing what it's supposed to!

I'll pray for your SIL to get pregnant. I will also pray that she will be happy for you and know that her own time will come in God's timing and it will be better than she ever expected.

Vixbil said...

I'm afraid to comment as it is now the 29th?