Monday, September 1, 2008

WILD BEAST!!!!!!!!

Last month, the Clomid side effects didn't hit me until after I took the last pill. This month the side effects are hitting me a lot sooner and I feel like my emotions are out-of-control. NOT in the sense that I'm a wild beast and uncontrollable or a harm to anyone.

I just feel......... irritable. I know that other people can feel it. I'm like one of those prickly pear cactii. Or you could equate it to an energy field surrounding me---get too close or ask too many questions and you might get zapped.

Just picture an enormous Godzilla-type rampaging through the house, cleaning every surface and snapping at anyone who interrupts or leaves any messes in their wakes.

Please oh please let this pass soon! And please just let this be the last cycle I have to worry about this, Jesus!!!!!!


Monkey's Momma said...

Oh my gosh! That is me too! I have been so irritable lately, and I am not even TTC. I blame mine on hormones.

Ris said...

Aww! Poor Mel had to deal with the same thing. Just remember that its not you, its just the drugs messing with you! Will be praying for you in that and also to get pregnant soon! (Your sidebar pics are soooo cute!!)

Anonymous said...

Oh, you mean you are acting like your old self? ha ha ha ha ha. Tell Daniel I said that. hee hee.

I hope you get a positive result soon. When it does happen, it will be at the right time! I took that bag of baby clothes to the consignment shop today.....whatever they don't want, I will pick back up and save for you. Although I am sure you would love to have a boy this time around! And I will find a box for the clothes I have set aside for Elaina.