Sunday, September 28, 2008

Well the results are in...

... definitely not pregnant. Yeah, I'll just cut to the chase. AF arrived right on time, again. That in itself is a good thing, but not being pregnant really stinks. So I'm putting TTC on the back burner and I'm focusing on losing weight. I want to lose at least 25lbs to start. I'm guessing that could take 2-3 months!

MY GOAL is to wake up at 6:30 am and workout. That's really the only time I'd ever get to without kids. I'm going to buy a Billy Blanks workout (because his workouts are amazing, he's a Christian, and he's just great!) for the days I can't get outside. I ABHOR being cold and with winter coming up it'll be good to have a workout DVD.

I'm so angry about having to struggle this long to get pregnant that I'm driven to workout by that anger. I keep kicking myself saying, "I should've just done this a year ago!" Don't get me wrong! I was working out but not to the extent I should have. I've been eating healthy already, so not much will change to that except LESS carbs.

I used to be a dancer on the worship team. I used to be a tiny size 6 and now I'm a roly-poly 16. I just am so tired of being like this and I want to look good and be an example of health to my girls. Plus, I don't think it'll happen if I don't!

This blog will probably become a very boring record of my workout and eating habits. We'll still be BDing and "letting things happen, if they happen" but I'm not taking Clomid this cycle or even the next (maybe--- I change my mind quite a bit).


Anonymous said...

Well, I'm sorry you got a BFN since you want to have another baby. I am glad you are going to get back in shape though. Good luck with getting up at 6:30! You are so used to sleeping in---getting up early will be a big difference.
I'm trying to get up at 5:30 now so I have time to workout and blog. Oh yeah, I should be praying and reading the Bible too. I'm not there yet.

Hi, I'm Amber. said...

I'm sorry that you didn't conceive this month! I wanted to encourage you though. I pledged to lose 10% of my body weight when I was trying to conceive my first baby. I started clomid the week I reached that goal and got pregnant that cycle. It really does help. I'm trying to lose weight too. Check out my diet blog at

Praying for you!

Andrea said...

I'm sorry :-( I just got my BFN too. I'm glad you have plans for the next couple of months though! I'm going to continue working out and working on the graphic design business. We'll stay busy and hopefully not go crazy ;-)

Right now I'm planning on taking a break this next cycle, but I'm like you, I change my mind a lot! So who knows.

Mel said...

I'm sorry, Joy. The negatives REALLY suck, they do. I don't wish that pain on anyone!

Working out and pushing yourself on a new goal is just awesome. I love Billy Blanks! I was a big fat loser Taebo addict when it first came out. It was a lot of fun to do, and his DVDs are just good. Wishing you luck with your endeavor!

Ris said...

I am so sorry about your negative. I don't think your blog will be boring at all...I am all focused on what I am eating right now, so I will find it interesting if no one else does. lol Starting out your pregnancy thinner will make it easier on you post baby too! Praying for you, girly!