Thursday, August 28, 2008

So here we are...

Now that I've created this blog I'm in panic mode thinking, "Now what do I talk about?!" I highly doubt it will be 100% possible to talk about nothing but my eggs and all-things-TTC! And hopefully this will turn into a pregnancy and newborn blog before I know it!

When I think about pregnancy I have to remind myself of all the horrors associated with it and with having a newborn. And even though it's enough to make me want to hyperventilate, I know that I've done it before and I can do it again.

And do you want to know a secret? I would be absolutely delighted if we did have twins. They don't run in either of our families but ever since I was a little girl (like 6 y/o), stuffing my shirt to give myself a "pregnant belly" while I played house, I was obsessed with twins.

I swore up-and-down that I was a mermaid, kidnapped from my mer-family and that I had a twin somewhere out there. I would even take this large seashell and use it like a phone to speak with my mer-mom.

It is said that left-handed people were once twins but their twin "vanished" in the womb before it could be detected on ultrasound (Vanishing Twin Syndrome---yes, it has a name!). Usually when an ultrasound is taken in later pregnancy you can see a dark spot of where the old sac had been...

I am left-handed.

I'm telling you! I probably had a twin or something. I always felt like a part of me was missing, that there was supposed to be someone out there that looked like me. I would even stare up at the sky at night, wondering if they were out there somewhere... I was a very imaginative child. That is probably why writing is so therepeutic and perfect for me.

Anyway, I know I can be a stress-case sometimes and that having children is difficult and demanding. It's hard when you have one at a time, but two?! I don't know, there's just something so unique and special about it. Even though it might be more difficult (or it might be the opposite and be way easier, as I've heard from moms of multiples) it seems like something that I'd love to do!

Children have always been something I've wanted. As a pre-teen I babysat and watched all the little neighbor children. I was even a preschool teacher for a semester in highschool! I absolutely love kids. And now that my hormone levels are back on track, I FEEL so much better, less stressed, and a ton happier. Just ask Jewels (my sister)! There is a very marked change in who I am, for which I'm very grateful.

Now I'm just rambling on........ I'll be blessed and content with whatever God gives me (and He does what is best anyway, whether it's one or more). But if you remember, a while ago I wrote about how God gave me a word that he has "a promise of life" for me so I'm not letting go of the promise but clinging to it fervently!


Joy said...

By the way, my sister was invited to this blog because I don't keep anything from her and I wouldn't be able to give her "the good news" when I DO GET THAT BFP in person anyway. Just so none of y'all are confused...

Andrea said...

I think it would be awesome to have twins too. I always thought that maybe I would have them until I found out that twins are passed down through the mother. My dad's family is full of twins...and triplets! We've traced our family tree back and there's been lots of twins, my great-grandmother is a twin. Then her grandaughter had triplets naturally. But my family obviously didn't know about the passing down through the mother thing because everyone thought my dad would have twins because the pattern was the oldest of the oldest has the twins. So I always thought that maybe it skipped him and I would have the twins.

Anonymous said...

Guess what? We DO have twins in our family! Granny miscarried twins after Dad was born.

I always thought it would be neat to have twin boys (not only so we could have a boy, but so he could have a brother, and also so I could get the remaining children birthed in one fell swoop!). But I am 99% sure we are done. Travis and I are both considering getting fixed (not that BOTH of us would do it---just one would), but we don't have the money to do it right now anyways. We didn't plan our three girls, as you know, so if God wants us to have more, I have complete faith in Him that He will give us more children if that's His will.

I am going through my baby clothes and I am finding it so hard to part with them! Unless, of course, you have another girl! BTW, you never replied to that email---if you want more baby girl clothes or not.

Anonymous said...

P.S. I love your new template!!

And, I used to think about having a twin when I was a kid, but I always thought I wouldn't like it. I think I wanted too much attention as it was and the idea of having someone look like me and act like me and follow me around drove me nuts. Oh wait, I had you! :)

Know what's funny? Hannah and Emily remind me SO MUCH of you and me! Emmy drives Hannah nuts because she wants to do everything Hannah does. Sound familiar?
I gave Hannah the old "Someday you will be best friends" schpiel and said that they may not always live near each other and they will miss each other, like Mommy & Aunt Joy. Hannah muttered, "You can always go visit her." ha ha ha ha...

And today Hannah said she really wanted to go to your house, and I have been feeling that way too! The other day I had this terrible hankering to come visit you and go to Salvation Army and to the playland at McD's with the kids. Hannah said that if it's winter here but not winter where you live, we could go visit to escape our cold weather! I burst her bubble by telling her we have the same weather as you.

I guess I should've just wrote you an email!

Monkey's Momma said...

TWINS???? Are you insane? No, you are right. Twins would be cool. Triplets would be even cooler!!!! :>

Love the blog design. Pretty, isn't it?